We can provide advice and guidance on your accommodation issue, whether you live in a UWE managed property, private halls in the city centre or in the private sector with a landlord or agency.

If you are new to Bristol, and need some additonal support with accommodation, then you might find the Student Accommodation Guide useful.Please contact the Advice Centre for a copy of this and we can email it to you.

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Do you rent from a private landlord?
If so, do you have more than three storeys to your house and are there 5 or more of you in the property?

Frequently Asked Questions
Some of our most frequently asked questions include.... 

Getting on with your neighbours (or not!)
Whether you are in UWE managed housing, halls or a privately rented property it is almost a guarantee that you will have neighbours. 

Unhappy with your housemates?
Some students find that they have problems with their fellow housemates, whether that is in UWE accommodation or a privately rented property. 

TV Licences
Whether or not you need to have a TV licence depends on the type of accommodation that you live in. There are some basic rules:- 

Tenancy Agreements and Licences
If you agree to take up accommodation, the landlord/lady or agency and you should sign an agreement which will be either a tenancy or licence, depending on the type of accommodation you are renting. 

If you are an Assured Shorthold Tenant, the landlord/lady cannot pass on responsibility to you for repairs on the 'exterior, structure or installations of the building'. 

Looking for Accommodation
If you are not successful in finding a place to live in a University managed house or halls of residence then don't panic; there are still plenty of other places you can search. 

There are a lot of insurance companies so it is always worth shopping around to find the deal that best suits your needs. If you have a bike, lap top, drum kit, etc then make sure you read the small print to ensure your treasued possessions are covered on your policy! 

Harassment and Illegal Eviction
If a landlord/lady cannot get a tenant to leave their property legally, they will sometimes harass them into leaving.  

Deposits are usually taken by a landlord/lady or agency to cover any unpaid rent or bills, repairs due to damage/negligence by the tenant, or cleaning necessary after you've left.  

Council Tax
Council Tax is collected and administered by local councils who also adminsiter the discount schemes and council tax benefits.