Looking For Accommodation

Looking for Accommodation

If you are not successful in finding a place to live in a University halls of residence then don't panic; there are still plenty of other places you can search.

1. UWE Studentpad. This is an online accommodation platform and has a range of houses available just for UWE students.

2. UWE Find a flatmate Facebook group. This is the place to go if you are looking for a room in a house or flat or if you are looking for extra people to join your house/flat.
3. Accommodation Agencies. The properties that accommodation agencies advertise tend to be shared houses or flats with joint tenancies but some will also advertise individual rooms. See our Accommodation Options leaflet for an A-Z of agencies in Bristol.
  • Don't forget to check the safety of any property you rent through an agency.
  • Don't pay the agency a fee until you have secured the property.
4. Newspapers, Noticeboards and Shop Windows. Remember that anyone advertising using any of these methods may not have properties that are compliant with current laws e.g. gas safety. Make sure that you always remember to check out how safe somewhere is yourself.
For more information contact the Advice Centre and check out: http://www.thestudentsunion.co.uk/community/bristol/
If you are looking for housing for the next academic year then it is crucial to not only to look for the right house but to also ensure that you want to live with your chosen group for the next year. Don’t fall into the trap of just agreeing to live with current housemates if you don’t really get on. It is likely that you will all be living together for at least the next 9 months so taking time to form your group will probably result in a much better experience overall.
Guarantors - if you are an international student and cannot get a UK guarantor then we are aware of some companies who act as your guarantor for a small fee. Try UK Guarantor and Housing Hand.
It may be useful to agree to some ‘house rules’ in advance or as soon as you move in to avoid any potential conflicts arising. These could include drawing up a house cleaning rota, investing in a small board and marker for messages, agreeing to each contribute a certain amount of money per week for household essentials (and sticking to it!) and ensuring that you all communicate with each other to stop minor frictions escalating into more serious arguments.
NB - you should still contact the Advice Centre for help in resolving the problems you're having!
Right to Rent
From 1st February 2016, housing providers (agencies/landlords) are required by the government to make 'right to rent' checks on all prospective tenants, before the tenancy starts. This is to ensure that tenancies are only provided to those who are legally able to live in the UK. You will need to provide certain documents that show you have the right to be in the UK before you collect your keys.