For Charities who want to be supported by UWE RAG.

Information for Charities

For Charities who want to be supported by UWE RAG.

UWE RAG is committed to supporting a wide range of charities. In 2019/20 we supported over 60 local, national and international charities. There are many different ways in which those charities were supported and lots of ways for charities to partner with UWE RAG. Unlike many other RAG's accross the student fundraising network, we don't pick particular charities but choose to support many different charities. UWE RAG are passionate about putting the money they raise back in to the local community, and as such aim to donate money raised to groups working in Bristol and the local South West region.


be on our charity database

Apply to be on the UWE RAG Charity Database. All not for profit organisations are eligible to apply. By applying you will be automatically be placed on the database which student groups use when deciding who to fundraise for:

The Datbase is used in two ways:

  • To assist our Sports Team and Socieites to choose a charity that they will fundraise for as part of out Adopt A Charity Scheme.
  • And local charities will be included in our long-list when the RAG Committee allocates our Community Fund to local charities. 

By applying for RAG funding your organisation will automatically be placed on the RAG charity database. Furthermore, students choose who they fundraise for; there is no guarantee you will be chosen, despite being on the database.

Applications for the University of the West of England (UWE) RAG database can be submitted at any point. However, the applications will be collated and processed in two rounds:

  • First deadline: 20 May 2020
  • Second deadline: 12 August 2020

Any applications received between these two dates will be stored ready for processing in the next round of applications.They will then be uploaded to the database provided to students. 

If you have any questions please email:


promotion of your events

UWE RAG maintains a mailing list for students who are interested in fundraising. Events that we deem appropriate and the RAG committee are happy to support can be promoted to students via this mailing list along with our social media channels. The type of events we might promote are:

  • Colour Run's
  • Endurance Challenges
  • Sleep Outs
  • One-Off Volunteering Opportunities

If you think you have an opportunity or way for students to get invovled with fundraising that you think we would love to see please email


Partnering with events and campaigns

The RAG Committee is always looking for ways to partner with charities. Each year we will partner with a select through charities to provide great opportunities with charities. The Committee will take an active role in participating and fundraising in the activity whilst trying to get as many students invovlved. Events and Campaings that we might consider are:

  • National Awarness Campaigns
  • Large Scale Fundraising events such as Concerts, Challenges and Competitions
  • Multiple Volunteering Opportunities

If you think you have an opportunityto partner UWE RAG then please email