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What is Greener Futures?

Greener Futures is a sustainability competition for societies and sport clubs. It is a creative, fun and rewarding way for you to get inspiration and recognition for building sustainability into your community. The prize for winning is £200 in funding for your club or society. There is also a Sustainability Champion of the year award. This recognises an individual that has shown commitment and creativity in their approach to sustainability within their club or society. This year, the programme has been updated to reflect the ‘new normal’ and world we find ourselves in. Wherever you are, there is opportunity to engage with sustainability and be part of the competition.

How does my club/society take part?

Email to sign your club or society up. Then to get started join the Greener Futures Facebook group. Every time you complete a challenge, found in this workbook, upload evidence to the group and your points will be added. At the end of the year, you could build up enough points to win the main prize! For each challenge you upload please tag the post with the number of the activity e.g. #greenerfutures1. Also make it clear which club or society you are part of so we can make sure you get the points.

Please note that photos you post in the group may be used on The Students’ Union website, social media or marketing materials. If you would prefer us not to use your content please get in touch. All students taking part should also ensure they are compliant with the latest Covid-19 government guidance.

What is sustainability?

The Students’ Union uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework and guide for our work. The 17 goals show how sustainability encompasses a wide range of interconnected issues. The Green Team takes an intersectional approach to sustainability because the climate emergency is tightly intertwined with address social justice and inequalities of race, gender and socio-economics.

What are the Greener Futures challenges?

The challenges are split into five sections. Starting Sustainable, Get Involved, Take Action, Think Big Picture and Get Creative. So get stuck in and start creating sustainable change!