Bring your own bowl

Bring Your Own Bowl

Bring your own bowl

HallsLife and The Green Team have teamed up to create Bring Your Own Bowl (BYOB). It is a community building and food waste campaign established in 2016, which puts on regular events to promote food waste issues and bring students together for a FREE MEAL!


What is BYOB?

Bring Your Own Bowl is an event organised by HallsLife and The Green Team where students can get a FREE MEAL made out of surplus food waste from local supermarkets and organisations. The event is designed to raise awareness about food waste and give advice to students on how they can combat this problem. All the food is donated from local supermarkets and organisations that would otherwise have gone to waste, then made into a meal at our SU bar. Students just need to bring a bowl (and maybe some cutlery) to enjoy a free meal.

Where it all began…

BYOB first started in 2016, aimed at students living on campus to provide them with a homemade meal and an inclusive and enjoyable social opportunity. At a similar time, The Green Team organised a meeting to address the issue of food waste. A guest speaker presented from the Bristol food waste project ‘Skipchen’, and the meeting raised awareness of many food waste issues both on local and national levels. The event was called “Let’s talk about food waste” and had a lot of interest from UWE students.

During the same period, the UWE Estates Team, advised that around 50% of the general waste weight from Frenchay university halls was food waste. This brought the food waste issue to the front of the Students’ Union agenda. This led to the collaboration of HallsLife and The Green Team, to create a new format of BYOB that addressed food waste at a fun and social event.


How can I get involved?

Keep your eye out for the BYOB events coming up and come along, you can also register your interest to help out and volunteer on the night. We also have volunteer opportunities with our Green Team gleaners who salvage the thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe, and direct this fresh, nutritious food to people in need. Find out more here:

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any further questions –