Sustainability Committee


the Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is an opportunity for students who are passionate about sustainability to innovate and have the power to create positive change throughout UWE and beyond.

Purpose of the committee  

Create sustainable change within UWE and the wider community through events and campaigning. The committee can also shape the sustainability practice and credentials at The Students’ Union at UWE, and the wider UWE Bristol community.

What does the committee do?

  • Create change at UWE and in the wider community
  • Develop and run campaigns to engage UWE students and staff with sustainability 
  • Hold UWE Bristol and The Students' Union to account on sustainability practice and objectives
  • Represent student opinion on sustainability and feed this through to The Students’ Union, in addition to key UWE sustainability staff members

What can you gain from being on the committee?

  • Meet like-minded students from different faculties and levels of study
  • Develop your sustainability knowledge and skills
  • Meet key sustainability staff at UWE and learn from their experience
  • Make a positive difference and creating lasting change

Click here for past Sustainability Committee meeting minutes

Meet the 2020/21 Sustainability Committee


I study Architecture and Environmental Engineering and feel like I can bring my perspective on sustainability to the committee, however I’m also very interested in learning more about other areas within sustainability!   



I am a 3-year business and management student. I lived in different countries, saw many breathtaking places as well as places where you realise how graceful we can be living where we live. The further I went, the more I have acknowledged how important it is to preserve all those beautiful places, and how important it is to preserve the planet earth.

I am a third-year law student at UWE. My sustainability interests are to reduce plastic waste, reduce food waste and helping to make the UWE campuses more eco-friendly!



I am currently in my final year of studying Interior Architecture at UWE. Since I was young, I have loved nature and have felt saddened at the impact our actions are having upon it. In the past few years, it has become apparent that time is running out to save many species of plants and animals from extinction. Therefore, I am eager to help in any way that I can. Sustainability has been a key focus within my time as a design student, as making buildings sustainable is vital in ensuring a green future. I am also passionate about leading a low impact lifestyle, and love to experiment with plant-based cooking and baking! I am excited to help the university and the surrounding community in the path towards a greener future.



I study Biological Science and I am in my Foundation year. I have many sustainability interests. My paramount interest is the issues surrounding climate change. We need to stop the continued rise in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Numerous countries are having to prepare for natural disasters like drought, mass forest fires and flooding. As well as the rising sea levels as a result of the icebergs melting. This is what, we as humans created! Our lifelong burning of fossil fuels for industry worldwide has led to this. I want to really bring this to the focus, the importance of adapting our lifestyles to become more eco-friendly within the University and beyond.



As a child I could see that the world around me is a marvel that I have been so lucky to be able to explore. But now I am older I see the way we humans live on this world that I treasure so dearly is unsustainable and dangerous. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction and those who have read the facts know we have a ticking time bomb in our hands that needs defusing before the damage is irreversible. The more I learn the more I want to change. I know the only feasible way forwards is to embed sustainability into every decision we make. 



I have a Biology degree and have just started Architecture at UWE. I love the natural environment and am fascinated by how we fit into it - what we take and what we give, what we understand about it and how this directs our lives ... But it's clear we're not taking our responsibilities seriously enough. Time to do something about it!