Sustainability Committee


Could you join the Sustainability Committee for academic year 2019/20?






The Sustainability Committee is an opportunity for students who are passionate about sustainability to innovate and have the power to create positive change throughout UWE and beyond.

We have our fantastic Sustainability Committee for 2018/19 - contact them here. 


Purpose of the committee  

Improving sustainability engagement with UWE students, using methods such as green events, volunteering, and campaigning. The committee will also develop the sustainability practice and credentials at The Students’ Union at UWE, and the wider UWE Bristol community.


What does the committee do?

  • Consider sustainability matters relating to our student population and The Students’ Union.
  • Submit Student Ideas where appropriate.
  • Develop sustainability engagement in the UWE student population, utilising methods such as green events, volunteering, and campaigning.
  • Hold UWE Bristol to account on sustainability practice and objectives.
  • Represent student opinion on sustainability and feed this through to The Students’ Union, in addition to key UWE sustainability staff members.
  • Advise The Students’ Union Executive team, CEO, SU staff, and Green Team on movements to enhance sustainability practice.

Open Sustainability Committee Positions for the academic year 2019-20


With UWE’s own Community Garden on campus, as well as beehives, lakes, ponds, and many species of trees, UWE has a keen interest in biodiversity and the effects it has as a university on the wildlife of all campuses. Apply for this position to promote the importance of biodiversity on our campus and beyond!

Campus Development 

With UWE’s continued campus development notably the Students’ Union Building, the new FBL block, and constant refurbishment of areas; campus development is always at the forefront of sustainable thinking. Take this spot to represent the student voice.


Education is what students are here at university to gain, and the future of UWE’s graduates and their employability is a key issue. UWE say that 100% of their courses feature sustainability content – do you agree?


With all these buildings, lights, fixtures, and fittings – energy is a topic that stems into many different areas. Did you know that UWE has its own energy team? UWE also has the largest single array of solar PV of any university in the country. The energy of universities is a contentious issue, are you interested in the future of it too?


UWE has around 30,000 students, from all walks of life, both undergraduate and post-graduate, with over 600 different courses. Are you interested in how to get them involved in green projects and ideas? Then this spot is for you.


Thousands of computers across the university campuses are connected by a large infrastructure of networking gear and servers, which all consume electricity. With this in mind, sustainable practice in IT is an important focus for our committee. This role can also examine the role in which ‘Green Tech’ can play in creating sustainable solutions to the problems of UWE students and our wider community.


With UWE community members travelling locally, nationally, and internationally, it is important to define what students want to see in a more sustainable travel network. In addition, you could be highlighting the health, environmental, and financial benefits of green travel.


Do you think our university community could recycle more and send less to landfill? Do you think students should campaign to cut food waste? This post would see you considering all aspects of waste to help change behaviours and systems around our community's waste.


Water is a crucial resource in our society, and the impact of our university community on this limited supply must be considered when examining sustainability practices. If you are keen on changing behaviours and systems around water use, this is for you.

Food & Health 

This role involves helping develop healthier lives for our university and promoting well-being for all at all ages. You could also focus on the production and consumption of food as a crucial part of our sustainable community.


UWE and The Students’ Union have intricate frameworks set up to meet needs for goods services and utilities. This position would focus on developing more positive sustainable procurement outcomes for the society and environment.

Portfolio position 1 

This committee spot has a fluid and open remit to focus on whichever aspects of sustainability the post holder sees fit.

Portfolio position 2 

This committee spot has a fluid and open remit to focus on whichever aspects of sustainability the post holder sees fit.

Portfolio position 3 

This committee spot has a fluid and open remit to focus on whichever aspects of sustainability the post holder sees fit.


Remember - If you'd like to apply for any of the positions for the 2019/2020 committee then please email or REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE!

Click on the links if you would like to see the original and full committee Terms of Reference or Committee Role Information documents. 


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