Reward and Recognition for your involvement in UWE Halls Life

Halls League

Reward and Recognition for your involvement in UWE Halls Life

What do Points mean?


Play your cards right and your halls could win a budget to host your very own party at the end of the year.

how can you earn points?

  • Attendance at events and activities. 
  • Taking part in Halls and Flat-based challenges.
  • Fundraising and Volunteering – You can take part with UWE RAG or contact us for support to organise your own event for charity
  • IntraMural Sports League – Represent your Halls in the Sunday Leagues or in the Dodgeball League. There are recreational sports slots at the Centre for Sport just for you. You can sign up to Social Sports and our Off the Wall programme and sample an array of sports and activities free for the rest of the year.
  • Social Media – Share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #UWEHallsLife and your halls e.g #CarrollCourt #Glenside #TheHollies 
  • Sustainability Challenges – Let’s strive to make a greener campus!


Halls league table

We'll keep a tally of your points and let you know who's in the lead, watch this space!

Halls league points

2018/19 so far...

Glenside The Hollies Wallscourt Brecon Mendip Quantock Cotswold  Carroll Court
Social Media 6 8 7   4   5  
Event participation 3 1 8 7 4 2 6 6
Competition Entries 7 4 8 7   4 7 4
Total 16 13 23 14 8 6 18 10

*Bring Your Own Bowl