Make sure you have a fun and safe night out. #UWELateNight

Late Night Do It Right

Make sure you have a fun and safe night out. #UWELateNight

Late Night Do It Right

Have a safe and great night in or out!

Here at The Students’ Union, we want our students to have unforgettable (and safe) nights in and out, so we do the things that ensure you remember them for all the right reasons.

You can get free water from all our bars and we have zero tolerance of sexual harassment. Follow the links below for more information about the campaign.






NUS Alcohol Impact Accreditation

The Students’ Union, in partnership with UWE, as striving to achieve the NUS Alcohol Impact Award. This initiative seeks to embed social norms of responsible drinking on our campuses, changing attitudes towards alcohol, and building healthier, safer, more productive student communities.

This isn't about getting students to stop drinking. It's about creating a more positive culture of responsible drinking. For the huge number of students who don't drink alcohol, University life isn't as inclusive as we'd like it to be.

Alcohol Impact helps to ensure that our Students’ Union and the University can provide productive places to live and work, by confronting the dangers associated with excessive drinking. Taking an institution-wide approach, we're making a huge impact on student welfare - shaping healthier lifestyles, safer campuses and stronger local communities.

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