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The Student Experience Fund

The Student Experience Fund application is now live!

The Student Experience Grant is for extra-curricular activities that enhance the student experience such as trips and events both on and off the UWE Bristol campuses. Thanks to generous donations made by alumni, parents and friends of the University, we can help you broaden your horizons by supporting activities, trips and services both on and off campus.

We encourage applications where the number of students who benefit is as large as possible. 

Typically grants range from £500 - £1,000, although grants of up to £3,000 will be considered.

Please read through the eligibility criteria here and access more information on the grant.

Tips for Student Experience applications:

  • The more impact a project has on students the better (for example we would rather fund a project which has an impact on 50 students rather than 8, if we had to compare).
  • We also like projects where we think it may attract some positive coverage, although this isn’t absolutely necessary.
  • We don’t fund: projects that are for individuals, or projects that we think should come out of the central Student’s Union budget (unless it’s explained why it hasn’t/ can’t come out of the central budget), or course or salary costs and we generally don’t fund group trips (but sometimes we fund sports related ones).

Successful Student Experience Grants have in the past been awarded to many of our sports, societies and campaigns, including:

  • Midwifery Equipment
  • Drama Society Play
  • Mature Student Welcome Week
  • Malaysian Cultural Awareness Campaign
  • Islamic Women in Sport
  • LGBT Conference
  • Rowing Training Camp
  • Buoyancy Aids for Cannoning
  • Badminton ‘Raveminton’
  • Free Self Defence Classes in Community (Kickboxing)
  • Equality Champion
  • Alternative Freshers’ Leaflet
  • One World Fiesta
  • Model UN conference

Please email vpsocsandcomms@uwe.ac.uk or suopportunities@uwe.ac.uk to discuss ideas for this fund!