Candidate for the position of Vice President Community and Welfare



My name doesn't rhyme, but my policies are pretty fine.

INCLUSIVITY: So many people say that Freshers’ is meant to be the time of your life, however after the parties of Freshers’ Week, many can be left feeling lonely and isolated. We need to make sure the SU provides more events that give people the chance to make friends in more relaxed environments, alongside the more conventional Freshers' events across all campuses. I will also work to increase the role of our community societies to celebrate the diverse nature of our student body.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Our international students pay way above what home students are paying - we need to make sure they are getting the support they need at UWE. It is essential that UWE and the SU provide a welcoming environment for our international students and communicate with them effectively prior to their arrival.

LET’S GET ACTIVE: Too often our Union have been bystanders in the world of politics. The government have attacked students on many levels with cuts to Disabled Students Allowance, maintenance grants, and the NHS Bursary. Policies like Prevent have gone through our SU predominately unchallenged, despite the concerns of the impact on BME and international students. We need to empower our students - with our huge student body we could have a substantial voice, but at the moment it’s sadly wasted. 

ACCOMMODATION: Bristol rent prices are extortionate, and too often the standard of housing doesn't reflect the cost. We should be getting houses that are good quality and affordable. I will lobby the Council and Mayor to work on rent caps in the city, alongside empowering our students to know their rights when renting. We also need to ensure the Halls Rep system is set up at UWE so all students are able to feedback on their accommodations, making their voices heard. This would be expanded across to Glenside and in the Unite Halls.

MENTAL HEALTH: There has been an increase in the amount of students accessing the Wellbeing service, meaning they are getting overstretched. It is essential that we give our students the support they deserve. I will lobby the university to increase their funding for the support services, making sure no student is left behind. I will also continue the work done through my role in the Mental Health Campaign, towards setting up a Nightline at UWE, a battle which has been fought for 16 months now.