Candidate for the position of Vice President Education



No maybe, vote Jamie.

I want to rethink the way the Students' Union engages with its members, ensuring everyone's voice is heard to give you the best educational experience for your money. 



There are many things that UWE can improve to make sure you're getting your money's worth for your education. I will aim to:

  • Ensure deadlines are evenly spread out. 
  • Make sure that your coursework is returned in good time.
  • Increase the range of study spaces across all campuses. 
  • Make UWE and the SU effectively advertise funds available, and lobby UWE to increase financial support.
  • Have more lectures recorded. 
  • More core textbooks to be digitalised. 
  • Continue to build a stronger, supportive and inclusive rep system. 


Funding Threats 

We've seen several cuts alongside increased tuition fees (with the threat of a further increase), meaning university has become more expensive that it has ever been. 

  •  #BursaryOrBust - UWE is one of the largest universities for healthcare students. We need to fight for these students to continue to have a vital form of support. 
  • #CutTheCosts - we need to work with NUS to combat the effect of this cut. We need to lobby the government, as well as the university, to provide extra financial support. 
  • #DegreesOfDiscrimination - challenge the university to provide some of the most vulnerable students with the support they need. 



We pay £43,487 a year to be part of NUS, yet barely engage with them. Not only this, but we are one of the largest unions in the country, meaning we can have a strong student voice. We need to:

  • Utilise NUS resources such as research and toolkits to strengthen local campaigns. 
  • Work alongside NUS to engage with national campaigns such as challenging the HE Green Paper and Prevent. 
  • Engage with students to hold grassroots led campaigns on what affects UWE students. 


Equality and Liberation

Equality and liberation has to be at the heart of our education system. 

  • We need to make sure that the structures of our education system are accessible to all - no student is impossible to engage!
  • Why is my curriculum white? Our education system isn't representative of its students, we need to ensure the BME community is equally represented within academia. 
  • Stop the exploitation of international students - it's not fair that they have to pay considerably more than £9k. 
  • To be inclusive, we need to liberate all minority groups (LGBT, BME, Women, Disabled etc.).