Candidate for the position of President



Unity, Diversity & Progression


Hello, I’m Zain Choudhry and I’m standing to be your next President of the Students’ Union!

I’m an Aerospace Engineering student and being from Scotland, social justice and love for diversity sits at the centre of our hearts – this means that you can trust your concerns and issues will be taken seriously. Having a wealth of experience in different leadership roles, it has helped me develop as a whole person who is capable of taking on heavy responsibility. Example of this being that I’m the current President of the ‘Society of the Year’ and having been in a leadership role with the society now for two consecutive years, I have helped the society to grow & develop exponentially which as a result has become one of the most standout and active societies in the University and Bristol as a whole. Being nominated for ‘President of the Year’ this year proves my credentials.


My motives include:

  • Listening to students’ concerns regarding the ever-becoming lack of space in the OneZone and lobby for an extension:

Every year, the University is accepting more students than previous years and provisional space in the OneZone will become a problematic issue, pressure needs to be put on University to act and provide solutions that will benefit students on Frenchay Campus.


  • Introduction of a Relaxation Room:

Mental health is an important factor in the life of a student, this will help be a solution. I will lobby the university to provide these spaces on both Frenchay and Glenside Campus.


  • Better representation for Students:

The right people need to be in place to best represent any student. If representation is important to you - vote for me as your #1 choice.

Being recently elected onto the Student Council, I have discussed with fellow Council members issues within the University and SU and voted on motions with the Students’ interests in mind.

Actively engaged with the Officers/Presidents at the SU through Society work, many of whom endorse my maturity, skillsets, feedback and ideas.


  • Better facilities for Faith based activities

Will work actively with all the Faith societies to help ensure better facilities will be lobbied for that benefits students in the future including getting involved with discussions of a new Faith Hub bringing Faith groups together, complementing UWE’s 2020 vision. Includes larger Prayer Rooms.

Unity, Diversity & Progression. Vote Zain!