Candidate for the position of Vice President Societies and Communication



Get Ready For Freddie!

Hello, my name is Freddie Gough and I’m hoping to become your VP for Societies and Communication.

Having been on the committee of several societies during my time at UWE, including Debating, Linguistics and Student Media, I am well aware of what is needed from the Students’ Union to secure a better future for all societies. If you elect me, I will guarantee exactly that.

Societies are in a much better position to plan ahead when they have consistency in their numbers and funding. As such, I will push for 2 and 3 year society memberships to be made available.

Many students find it difficult to attend out of hours society events, due to them living far away from university. I will therefore work towards increasing locker space on campus to improve event turnouts.

NFI societies play a crucial role in shaping university life, as these support students living at home, student carers, LGBT students, those experiencing mental health issues, among many others. As well as working with all national and faith societies, I will strive to raise the profile of our identity societies.

Academic societies are also a key part of the culture here at UWE. However, many of these are not directly linked to a course, meaning they miss out on the publicity and funding that a faculty can provide. I will therefore seek to support non-course specific societies to make sure that all our academic societies are able to thrive.

As a current volunteer for Nightline, I know what a fantastic service it provides. Given this, I will work with the VP Community and Welfare to ensure Nightline’s continued funding and success.

Our entire university is fairly centred around Frenchay, meaning that very few society events are held at our other campuses. This is a great loss, as the specialist subjects taught here are a fantastic asset to society life at UWE. I will therefore work with societies to try and arrange more events to be held at Glenside and Bower Ashton. I also pledge to spend at least one day a week at either campus.

Finally, not enough has been done to fight to move Lock In back to Tuesday. This CAN be done, as I have pointed out at Student Council numerous times. This is what most students want and if elected, I will do everything in my power to achieve this.