Candidate for the position of Chair of Meetings



Facilitating student decision making.

I am Kaytie, a third year studying Politics and International Relations. I am standing for the position of Chair of Meetings, as I believe that I am the perfect candidate, and it is a great way to get involved with student decision-making within the Union. I chaired the Candidate’s Question Time for the SU Elections last year, and also have lots of previous experience chairing meetings and forums. I was deputy chair of the ACE Faculty last academic year, and have been the chair of various youth councils in my hometown. I have proved that I can promote debate without taking sides; and play devil’s advocate – asking the awkward questions which others are too nervous to ask. This means that discussions surrounding motions put forward to the SU will be in-depth and comprehensive.

As Assistant Editor of the Western Eye, I understand the importance of organisation and direction. I am a confident speaker who can ensure that debates do not become arguments, and that these debates are productive – encouraging students to collaborate and compromise to work towards a joint goal rather than getting distracted with petty bickering. I am not afiliated with any political party, and am therefore not swayed by any party politics, meaning that I can make clear and fair judgements without external influence.

I am reliable, trustworthy, honest and hardworking. I will ensure that debates are fair and will facilitate the decision-making of the students of UWE.

Vote for me!