Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Mon 29 Mar 2021 10:00 - Thu 01 Apr 2021 16:00

Frenchay and Glenside Campuses

It's nearly Easter and we all know what that means! Easter Egg Hunt!!

The Simpsons Easter GIF

HallsLife is bringing you an Easter Egg Hunt this year with a twist! How it works:

1. Register for a kit by clicking the link below.

2. Collect your kit from Glenside Post Room or Frenchay SU Reception before 1 Apr at 16:00.

3. You'll be emailed instructions on how to crack the code on your kit to get at your Easter Eggs!

Due to availability, this event is only open to students living on Frenchay or Glenside campus.

Each kit will come in a lock box in the shape of a book! You'll be emailed instructions on how to crack the code by completing our Easter Egg Hunt online. This will require you to head out and explore campus as you solve clues to crack the code. You can complete the Easter Egg Hunt at any point that suits you but you must collect your kit between 29 Mar- 1 Apr from Su Reception Frenchay or from the Glenside Post Room

If you book for a campus that you don't live on then your booking will be automatically cancelled and you will need to re-book!

To complete the Frenchay hunt, head to https://forms.gle/nhvVGsNi68QM8ujG8

To complete the Glenside hunt, head to https://forms.gle/mwTWrazfvy4qcPgT9

Frenchay all sold out!!

Glenside all sold out!!




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