Sustainable Fashion Week: Re-imagine Fashion competition

Sustainable Fashion Week: Re-imagine Fashion competition

Mon 14 Jun 2021 10:00 - Mon 19 Jul 2021 18:00

Showcase your work at Bristol's first Sustainable Fashion Week!

Sustainable Fashion Week is the first fashion week of its kind – where the focus is not on next season’s trends but on inspiring, up-skilling and empowering the community, to equip them in making positive changes in their fashion habits. They’re hosting a flagship event in September 2021 and are inviting students to take part in a creative project over the summer which will be judged and showcased during SFW.

What is the competition?

SFW are inviting UWE students to create a unique garment that tells the story of your vision of an equitable and sustainable fashion industry – an industry that’s regenerative, benefits planet and communities, is representative and accessible to all.

The garment can be of any style, for any size and any gender and made from any types of repurposed fabric. They will be looking at how the story of sustainability and social justice is told through its creation.

What are the prizes?

  • All garments submitted to the competition will be showcased at the SFW Hub in Bristol on 11 and 12 September!
  • The shortlisting process will be done by the SFW/UWE team between 1 September and 5 September.
  • The shortlisted garments will then be judged by a panel of people from the local fashion industry, with 1st, 2nd  and 3rd  place prizes announced at the SFW Hub on the weekend of 10-12 September. Prizes TBC and details coming soon but they will be awesome!

How to get involved

  • You must register your interest in taking part by Monday 19 July via this form
  • We’ll ask for a 300 - 500 word description of the design process and the story you are representing through your garment
  • The garment must be complete by 31 August 2021 and we will ask for you to send your garment description and photographs by 11pm on this date.


  • There is no skill entry level required – this is open to anyone who would like to take part!
  • There are no limits to the type of design as the story and its translation into a creative approach is what is important.
  • The story can be told through fabric/fibre types, colour, patterns, print, embroidery, words, style, cut, etc
  • The garment must only use fabrics and trims/embellishments that are upcycled or repurposed. Please only use fashion industry materials rather than non-fashion. We’re keen for the craft in making this garment to remain fashion focused.
  • The story can focus on one or more fashion industry issues - but don't forget we're ‘changing the story’ so we need to focus on a positive future in each of these contexts
  • It can be as imaginative and expressive as you like – but it must be wearable e.g. so someone can easily get in and out and move around in it.
  • The project can be worked individually or in pairs/groups

Things to think about and inspiration

  • How will you tell your story? Will it be through colour, use of pattern, the use of embroidery, the style of the
  • garment,
  • Who will the garment be for?
  • What aspects of the fashion industry will you focus on in your creation? Just a few aspects are listed below:
    • Fashion waste
    • Pollution and contamination of waterways
    • Representation of all communities in sustainable fashion
    • The experience and exploitation of garment workers
    • Fashion’s contribution to climate change
  • Can you find inspiration in the SFW four themes and calls to action detailed on this page?

Want to take part but need inspiration? Get in touch with the SFW team to chat it through.
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