Speak For Yourself: Rap Showcase & Spoken Word Open Mic

Fri 04 February 2022 18:30-21:00

Horts, 49 Broad Street, Bristol

This first Speak For Yourself event will round off Men's Mental Health Week at UWE with an engaging Q&A and a showcase of incredible rap with two of the South West's best spoken word talents: 
Don't Flop's UK Champion, Craft-D, and BBC Words First break-out performer, Saili Katebe.

Come to Horts, 49 Broad Street, Bristol for incredible rap sets and an open mic show that will:

1. Promote the strength found in creative writing, especially through the lens of rap, which is often misunderstood as an art-form in media.

2. Open a dialogue to discuss related topics around creativity, self-expression, vulnerability and brotherhood.

3. Provide an example of both the above points with the incredible work of both Craft-D & Saili Katebe.

4. Invite UWE students to perform their own spoken word in a supportive open mic.

The event will be hosted by Men's Welfare Officer, Callum Jones, and VP Community & Welfare, Rania Regaieg.

Free entry for all students and staff.





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