Pinkwashing & LGBT+ Resistance

Pinkwashing & LGBT+ Resistance

Tue 27 February 2018 18:00-19:30



A panel discussion about the phenomena of pink-washing and the response of the LGBT+ community. Come and learn and get involved in the debate!

LIBERTY STRONG: LGBT+ Officer at UWE and third year politics student, interested in protecting the rights of LGBT+ students and ensuring a safe space for them. 
LESBIANS AND GAYS SUPPORT THE MIGRANTS: LGSM exists to counter narratives of division and promote mutual solidarity between LGBTQ+ people and migrants.
FRANKIE GLUSCEVIC: Intersectional Feminist Society co-president (University of Bristol) and former LGBT+ Officer for Bristol SU.
OLIVER BLISS: Working from digital to traditional craft, Oliver weaves textiles that are sites of community participation & social change, telling stories of LGBT+ liberation
LINDA DEVO: Member of Queer Vision and co-founder of Kiki, Bristol's QTPoC social group, Linda is an educator and part of SGI-UK, which is the UK branch of Soka Gakkai International, a socially engaged Buddhist movement. & a fine art student at Bower Ashton. 

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