Mental Health Awareness Workshop: Glenside

Mental Health Awareness Workshop: Glenside

Thu 02 May 2019 14:00-16:00

Glenside Campus, Room TBC

The workshops aim to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of what mental health is, the difficulties faced and the support available.
  • Increase the skills required to support a teammate who is experiencing difficulties.
  • Increase confidence around establishing a culture that promotes positive mental health.

The workshops are interactive, and involve group discussion, as well as some theoretical content, and all attendees take away a workshop pack with them to provide additional resource to aid knowledge and learning of the topics covered in the workshop. 

Please sign up to workshops below (please note, there are a maximum of 20 spaces in each workshop, and we require a minimum of 8 attendees in order to run the workshop).


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