International Women's Week: Body Confidence Photography Session 1

International Women's Week: Body Confidence Photography Session 1

Thu 12 March 2020 16:00-21:00

Meeting Room 1, The Students' Union, Frenchay

Let's work together to be part of the body positivity revolution for International Women's Week. A photographer is coming in for two sessions - anyone is welcome to come and bare all to create some empowering images!

There will be 30-minute slots you can book with the photographer (details TBC) and the photographer will work with you to create some empowering images. You will work to identify your favourite features and these will be highlighted in a professional shot. This could be anything from close up shots of a body part you prefer, such as your eyes, or baring all in the name of body positivity!

The images will be uploaded for you to download at a later date, with one free image to choose - others will come at a cost.

Please note, participants will have a private changing space and consultation before the shooting begins. 


Please purchase one of the free sessions below and follow it the whole way through the check out to secure your space.

Meet your photographers;

  Meet Ellie - Ellie is a freelance photographer enthused by capturing stories through portraiture. After graduating in Press and Editorial Photography in 2018, Ellie enjoys working with people to tell their stories through her work. Check out some of her previous work here:

Meet Sam - Sam is currently a 3rd year student at AUB studying a BA in Photography, Sam is interested in the landscape and people and his work tends to become a study of the world, an archive of images of the places and people he has seen.


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