American Football Home Game

American Football Home Game

Sun 03 November 2019 12:00-20:00

UWE Hillside Gardens, Filton Rd, Winterbourne, Bristol BS16 1QQ

We are very excited for our first games of the season for both teams to be grouped together to make one great day for spectaters!


The first game of the day is the Division 2 game between UWE Bullets 2nd's and Southhampton Solent kicking off at 12 noon!

This is a historic game as UWE is the first southern university in the country to be able to run a second team for American Football.


The second game is the Premiership game between UWE Bullets 1st's and Hertfordshire Hurricanes kicking off at 4pm!


We will also be joined on the sidelines by the UWE Comets Cheerleading Squad!


We hope to see you there. - For the facts.