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15 ways to save money as a Fresher in Bristol

It’s the age-old scenario: two weeks into term, you check your bank balance, and the number is one you’d rather not admit to your dog, let alone your parents. One too many takeaways and flat drinks that somehow got night-out-level spendy, and you realise you’d better say hello to baked beans and pot noodles for the foreseeable. But, before you let that scenario become your reality this year, let’s give you some life hacks on how to save money as a Fresher in Bristol.

How UWE Bristol and The Students' Union at UWE are Covid-proof

The health, safety and well-being of all students and staff is paramount to both The Students’ Union at UWE and UWE Bristol. We know we’re all fed up of hearing about Coronavirus (do we ever talk about anything else?) but we wanted to reassure you that we’re doing everything possible to ensure our buildings are Covid-proof ready for a new academic year in October. So, before we yawn, here’s exactly how we’re doing that.

Moving to UWE Bristol - Everything you need to do before you make the move

Before you move to UWE Bristol and the fun begins, there’s a whole lot of life admin you can do. If you love organisation, this article’s for you – and if organisation isn’t your strong point, we hope this helps you get ready for one of the best chapters of your life!

To sign up or not to sign up: Why join a sports club or society?

Here are all the reasons why you should sign up for both a sports club and a society - whilst things may be a little different at the at the beginning of this year, there’s still plenty to get excited about!

10 reasons why you should attend The Freshers' Fair in 2020

The Students’ Union at UWE is always proud to present The Freshers’ Fair. It’s the culmination of the excitement surrounding Freshers’. It’s a chance for you to interact with likeminded students, bag some freebies, enter exciting competitions, and find out all about the sports clubs and societies at your fingertips at UWE Bristol. And in 2020, it’s now virtual. Here are 10 reasons why you should attend Freshers’ Fair this year!

All the mistakes Freshers make - and how to avoid making them

There’s a lot to get your head around when you start University: entering your bank account is suddenly more money than you’ve seen before, you’re in a new, unfamiliar place and the level of studying is unlike A-Levels or College. No patronising, here – we made many mistakes in our time, too, that we’d like to warn Freshers from making. So, here’s every mistake you may make as a Fresher – and how to avoid making them at UWE Bristol!

Your University packing list for 2021

We’re entering the 21/22 academic year. To help with your move, we’ve compiled your ultimate 2021 University packing list so you can be all set to live it up at UWE Bristol!

A-Z of Bristol

Bristol’s so iconic – it’s almost too iconic. It’s so iconic that there are what feels like a million reasons as to why Bristol achieves its iconic status. So, we thought it fitting to write up a little A-Z of Bristol, so you newbies can get clued up on what makes this city such a wonderful place to be!

University essentials: Why you need to get a TOTUM Card

Aside from the enriching and insightful educational enlightenment, a bunch of stellar pals, and a ton of extracurricular CV-boosting opportunities, some say an equally important aspect of going to University is the major benefit of signing up for a TOTUM card. Yes, get excited – we’re talking crazy discounts at all your favourite brands and eateries. Here's every reason you should get one!

Bristolian suburbs decoded: What to see and do in Bristol's neighbourhoods

One of the most exciting things about Bristol is the very fact that each area of the city is so distinct, personality-driven and colourful. Let's have a look at what you can see and do in some of its bustling neighbourhoods!

A guide to Bristolian slang

If you’re new to Bristol, you may find yourself hearing phrases that you have never heard before and wondering what on earth they mean. We’ve created our guide to Bristolian slang, to help you get used to the local lingo!

Our tips for becoming a pro in the kitchen

As well as exploring a new city, starting university is a chance to improve your cooking skills and become a cooking pro. Check out some of our top tips to help you get to know your way around the kitchen!