Get on your bike with The Students’ Union Bike Loan Scheme

At the beginning of the academic year, we launched our Student Bike Loan Scheme in a bid to get you hitting the streets of Bristol and exploring our city.

The scheme is open to all students and costs just £70 for the academic year, plus a refundable £40 deposit. We launched this new initiative at last year’s Green Fest and on the first day alone we loaned 34 of the 86 available bikes, and so far 75 bikes are being used!

Having access to a bike has a whole load of benefits not only on the planet but also your bank account. By choosing to cycle instead of opting for public transport or driving, you are saving money on petrol or a bus ticket, and with the congestion in Bristol, you may also get to your destination faster.

We know that cycling on the road can be a daunting prospect, but in a city full of bike lanes and designated paths, you will be getting from A to B in no time. We will also help you learn the Highway Code, with our cycling safety and instruction video, which is sent to you when you sign up to the scheme. Need inspiration and information about cycle paths? Check out the Sustrans website for maps and traffic-free routes.

Cycling is also a great form of exercise and has a positive impact on the planet. Did you know every seven kilometres by bike will save an emission of 1 kilogram of CO2 as compared to the same distance covered by car? (Source: UN). This is the equivalent of saving enough CO2 to charge 128 smartphones. So you’re saving money, getting to enjoy some fresh air and helping the planet – not all heroes wear capes, some just ride bikes.

Still need some convincing? Check out our survey results below from those who have hired a bike this academic year. We have been digesting the responses and here’s what we found:

  • 42% were extremely satisfied and a further 38% very satisfied with the scheme
  • 100% felt the scheme was good value for money
  • 54% are very likely and 25% are likely to continue cycling after using the scheme
  • 54% felt the scheme had prompted them to give a lot of consideration to sustainable habits in other aspects of life

Additionally, students reflected on the benefits of our scheme:

  • Very flexible and transparent
  • Having access to a bike without the commitment of owning one and being able to cycle around Bristol (best way to get around city)
  • Low price and saving lots of money on buses love riding to uni along Spike Island in the sunshine

So get on your bike, sign up to the scheme here and start exploring Bristol by bike!