Find out the latest scores from BUCS competitions.

BUCS Info & Transport

Find out the latest scores from BUCS competitions.


British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the governing body of University and College sport. Students represent UWE in national competitions against other institutions across the UK. 


When? Most fixtures take place on a Wednesday and some matches and tournaments take place on the weekend.

How can I get involved? This year we have entered 59 teams into BUCS. To compete in BUCS you must be a student at UWE studying 60+ credits & have purchased a club membership, you may then be selected to play through trials or recognition. 

Come and visit The Students' Union on Frenchay campus to find out when and where fixtures are taking place.  


Transport 2019

Departing from: UWE Students Union Carpark, Frenchay Campus, U Block, BS34 8QZ (North Entrance) 

Teamsheets must be submitted Tuesday before 12pm

Students must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure & must bring student ID card. 

NB: Please be aware these times are subject to change and students are advised to check them 24 hours in advance.

Contact Numbers 

Eagle Coaches - 0117 955 7130

Southwest Minibuses - 01179 650000

BUCS Rules & Regulations 

It is your clubs responsibility to check your sport specific rules and regulations - Click here to find out yours 

please check back here at the start of october 2019 to see first coaches of the 2019/20 season!





American football Mixed 1st 

BAsketball Mens 1st 

squash Mens 1st 

BUCS League Promotions 2019

FENCING Mens 1st

Football Mens 1st 

golf Mens 2nd

squash womens 1st (Premiership)

Volleyball mens 1st (Premiership)

volleyball womens 1st 

Ultimate Mens 1st 



March 2019 - cup finals  

lacrosse Mens 1st - Western Conference cup champions 

FENCng mens 1st - Western Conference cup champions 

lacrosse WOMens 1st - Western Conference cup FINALISTS 




Latest BUCS Standings

More information about bucs can be found here.



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