Leadership Training

Leadership training

We have just finished the first round Leadership Training and are workign away on developign the full programme to be roleld out in late Spring 2018. To register your interest for the full course in 2018, please email roisin.greenup@uwe.ac.uk

Places will be very limited, so get your name on the list first!

We are working to deliver a bespoke Leadership Training Course, available for all current UWE Students. The course is aimed to upskill you in areas you may not necessarily have training in, and empower you to become better leaders within the working world. The programme aims to create capable and confident young leaders within the working environment, to provide opportunities to enhance people-leading skills and in-depth understanding of management, leadership and responsibility. The skills developed throughout this course aim to not only enhance your employability prospects but to develop your personal portfolio by giving you opportunities to gain a further extra-curricular qualification, outside of your course.

The course is delivered over 6 weeks, with one module being covered per week, for approximately 2 hours on a tuesday evening. The modules are outlined below:

Week 1 - Leadership Skills & Time Management

Week 2 - Project Planning & Cultivating Resources

Week 3 - Communication

Week 4 - Public Speaking

Week 5 - Managing People & Relationships

Week 6 - Team Building & Followership

OPTIONAL MODULE - Development course

The course is accredited with the Bristol Futures Award and will count as one of your submittable activities to support your award application. The course is delivered by external facilitators, executive coaches and mentors. If you woudl like to sign up to the course to improve your prospects for either securing a placement or a graduate job, pelase use the sign up below and we will send you further information!

Please note - this course is designed to be of huge benefit to you, and is a truly unique programme we have put together bespoke for your cohort!! This is NOT another lecture series we are forcing you to attend, this is your choice and must be fuelled by your desire to succeed!

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