Celebrating Culture

celebrating culture


After the overwhelming success of last years' Celebrating Black Excellence campaign, The Students' Union will be hosting our year-long "Celebrating Culture" programme commencing at the start of October. Our goal is to empower our students of colour, explore the rich history of multi-cultural Britain, and celebrate the fantastic diversity of cultures we have here at UWE Bristol.


'No more silence' Zine

In 2020/21, The Students’ Union and Library team at UWE worked together on creating a Zine, to allow students to share creative pieces around stories, comments and views on diversity at UWE Bristol and beyond.

This year, we are inviting students and staff to read it and share it with your course mates, colleagues and friends. Read the Zine here.

We are also inviting you to attend one of our upcoming Reading groups that will be launched in the autumn term to engage our students and staff with the zine.

The proposed dates for the reading are- 

  1. 24 November (15.30-16.30) at FRENCHAY in 4D24 (Library)
  2. 07 December (12.00-13.00) at BOWER ASHTON (room tbc)
  3. 15 December (14.00-15.00) at GLENSIDE, in 2D09 (Library).

Book your space for the reading using this form: https://uwe.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1XfJnc65k3ZxjRc


Equity in Collaboration with The Students' Union at UWE Speaker Event

SAYO – Self-realisation and Journey to Success

Paul Olomolaiye, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Equalities and Civic Engagement, welcomed the inspiring social media influencer SAYO who gave a powerful talk about her journey thus far, including when she realised her true potential, and how she went about achieving her ambitions.

Woven into the talk Sayo performed "Kpoetry" - an exaggerated spoken word performance bringing together parts of her Nigerian heritage and British upbringing to the delight of the audience who had joined the online event.

The talk was followed by a wonderful Q&A session hosted by Rania Regaieg, Vice President Community and Welfare from The Students’ Union at UWE, when Sayo spoke candidly about techniques that empowered her to overcome any challenges.




Adèsayò Tàlàbi is a writer, poet, presenter, creative, tech founder, award-winning journalist and all-round natural-born performer. Sayo began writing and performing spoken word poetry from a young age, but it was lockdown where her online persona really rose to fame. With her legendary grey fur coat and red lip, Sayo began performing her "Kpoetry".

With millions of impressions across her clever and comical words, it is clear to see how Sayo's audience rose by 10 thousand followers per week during the UK lockdown. More recently, Sayo has seen opportunities arise offline, having hosted a radio show on Reprezent, featuring in Season 2 of Sky Art's "Life and Rhymes" and is working on a major documentary with a mainstream TV channel.

Quotes from the audience on the night included:

'Thank you for talking to us. It has been so inspirational and exciting!!'
'What an amazing event - Really motivational!'
'Loving the energy in the performance!'
'I love your performance so much.'
'A truly phenomenal young woman. It was a pleasure listening to your very entertaining and riveting stories. Wishing you all that’s amazing for the future.'
'That was amazing! Thank you. Incredible performance!!'

Watch the talk here and find out more about SAYO by following her on Instagram @Simplysayo, Tik Tok Simply_Sayo and Twittter Simply_Sayo.


In my language

This project is being led by the Vice President for Societies and Communications, Samuel Ikpe for the second year in a row. 

In my Language is a programme set out to enhance better communication skills between students and educate them more on the different languages spoken across the University. At the start, it was difficult to decide what languages would be used to kickstart the project. Therefore, it was decided that students received information on pleasantries in various languages as this was seen to be the first form of conversation when people meet. To accomplish this, a focus group of students who spoke different languages was created ranging from Swahili, Somali, Shona, Oromo, Patois, Pidgin, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibibio, French, Spanish and Arabic. A script was created to help structure their speech as seen below, and they were asked to present in their various languages.

Make sure to follow the SUatUWE Instagram page as well as Facebook to stay updated.




“CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Spoken Word Slam
28th October 5pm - 8pm
0A18 Drama Theatre (BOWER ASHTON)
As part of ongoing “Celebrating Culture” campaign, The Students’ Union at UWE present this spoken word night on the theme of “Can You Hear Me? A Celebration of Cultural Identities”.
Representation | Campaigns | Bower Ashton Event | Free | Black History Month | Welcome | Celebrating Culture
Watch + Discuss: ‘Concerning Violence’
10th February 6pm - 8:15pm
Meeting Room 1, Students' Union Reception, Frenchay Campus
Watch + Discuss creates spaces for staff, students, and external participants to learn about and discuss urgent and necessary social justice-oriented topics through watching films and documentaries and engaging in guided post-watching discussions.
Frenchay Event | Free | Celebrating Culture
Kiribati: a drowning paradise in the South Pacific
24th March 6pm - 9pm
Meeting Room 1, Students' Union Reception, Frenchay Campus
Climate change and rising sea levels mean the island nation of Kiribati in the South Pacific is at risk of disappearing into the sea. But the island’s inhabitants aren’t giving up. They are doing what they can to save their island from flooding.
Frenchay Event | Free | Celebrating Culture
Easter Egg Hunt in Glenside ( 2022)
7th April 10:30am - 4:30pm
The Art Society and the Student Union in Glenside are organising an Easter Egg Hunt! This special events is happening at 7 April 2022, from 10:30 to 16:30. Tickets(£1)can be purchased in the website https://www.thestudentsunion.co.uk/soc/uwe_a
UWE Events | Day | Welcome | Celebrating Culture
Africa Day: Celebrating Culture
28th April 7pm - 11pm
The Students' Union, Frenchay Campus
We have put together this Africa day celebration as part of our Celebrating Culture campaign to showcase the amazing culture, music, dance, fashion, and food found across the continent.
Free | Celebrating Culture
3rd May 7pm - 9:15pm
The Students' Union, Union 1, Meeting Room 1 (FRENCHAY)
Frenchay Event | Night | Free | Celebrating Culture
Europe Day: Winter in Fire Ukraine's fight for freedom (movie screening)
6th May 5:30pm - 7:30pm
As part of our year-long Celebrating Culture campaign, we are hosting 'World Fiesta Days'. These days are to celebrate cultures from around the world, and engage people in new ways of being, as well as find comfort in their own culture.
Frenchay Event | Free | Alcohol Free | Celebrating Culture
America Day: 13th documentary screening
10th May 6pm - 8pm
Meeting Room 1, Students' Union Reception, Frenchay Campus
Join us for our America Day Film Showing, we will be screening 13th. An in-depth look at the prison system in the United States and how it reveals the nation's history of racial inequality.
Frenchay Event | Free | Celebrating Culture
Environmental Ethics from an Indigenous Lens
13th May 12:30pm - 2pm
2Q49 - Frenchay Campus
'Environmental Ethics from an Indigenous lens' with African Voices Forum
Campaigns | Alcohol Free | UNION - Green / Sustainable | Celebrating Culture