Student Council and Democratic Procedures Officer

Student Council

The Student Council Meeting is the highest decision-making body in the Students' Union. Fifteen students are elected from a cross campus ballot to sit on Student Council. This can be any UWE student and is elected in October for the year.

Student Council meets at least three times an academic year to scrutinise Student Ideas in order to create policy for The Students' Union and discuss matters affecting the student experience. Student Council also holds the elected Executive to account by examining and asking questions of their activities, campaigning and policies.   

You can find the minutes of Student Council Meetings HERE

How does a student idea become policy?

A Student Idea that scores either a 2:1 or a 2:2 is considered to be conditionally passed unless the Student Council Meeting vetoes it. 

The members of the Student Council Meeting, therefore, do not pass Ideas but block Ideas which they think will have negative financial, legal or reputational consequences for The Students’ Union or those which they feel are not in the best interests of the student body. This is known as an “active veto”. 

It takes two-thirds (10 members) of the meeting to veto a 2:1 and 50%+1 (8 members) to veto a 2:2. 

Any registered UWE Bristol student can attend a Student Council Meeting as an observer in order to put the case for or against an Idea. All students can also lobby members of the Student Council Meeting to encourage them to vote one way or another on an Idea. 

who represents me on student council? 

The current members of Student Council are being elected this October:

**Please feel free to contact any of the Student Council to discuss Student Ideas and SU policy**


Democratic procedures Officer (DPO)

The Democratic Procedures Officer s role is to make sure that democracy at The Students’ Union works by ensuring it's fun, engaging and inclusive.

In order to do this, they can propose changes to how the democratic systems work to ensure they continuously improve and are relevant to the students of UWE.

They also have to make important decisions on procedural matters and deal with complaints and problems that students raise about democratic processes as well as overseeing the operation of Student Ideas to ensure the system is sutdent-led.

Ultimately, the DPO ensures Student Ideas and Student Council Meetings are open, transparent, and adhere to the letter and spirit of the bye-laws.

who represents me as the Democratic Procedures Officer?

The current DPO is: Mia Collins

If you would like to get in contact with the DPO please contact