Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee is made up of the following people

Chair Person

Rania Regaieg - Vice President Community and Welfare

Pronouns - She/Her

Rania studied Aerospace Engineering and throughout her studies, Rania has been an active member of many societies and even started her own society: Speak Up. Rania has, also, gained experience in community and welfare by being her department’s Diversity and Inclusivity Rep. This, combined with the skills she have learnt from being a student rep and student ambassador for nearly 2 years, will help take her student representation skills to the next level. 

Your welfare is extremely important to me.

VP Community and Welfare

Anoushka Alexander - Black Minority Ethnic Officer

Pronouns - She/Her

Anoushka has been the Participation and Equality Officer for Geography Society and always strives to achieve equality within groups.

Anoushka is half Egyptian and strives to achieve equality and for people to be more understanding about ethnic minorities in the UK.

She feels like she is an understanding and approachable person to come to with issues as a Student Representative for my cohort, so she is experienced with dealing with problems and doing my best to resolve them.

BME Officer

Joseph Steventon - Disabled Students Officer

Pronouns - He/Him

Joseph wants to help transform the education which people with disabilities receive at UWE Bristol and further.

Joseph believes that disabilities gives a student a unique perspective at life and education that most people may never be able to experience. He sees his disability as an exciting part of his life, and he looks forward to the challenges he and his disability face. However, this has not always been the case and he knows for many students it still is not. Joseph believes that this is where change is required.

Disabled Students Officer

Alex England - GLenside Campus Officer

Pronouns - He/Him

We have all seen how vital the often-overlooked NHS has been for the country this past year and how NHS employees have gone from arguably mistreated to being praised as 'heroes'.  As someone who has worked within the NHS for the past year or so in a multitude of roles, Alex can assuredly say that the NHS would not work if it wasn’t for the hard working, skilled and knowledgably staff that run it. So, let’s invest in us: The future NHS workforce. Because knowledge, Respect and Skill begins here. 

Glenside Campus Officer

Claudia Tavella - INternational Students Officer

Pronouns - She/Her

As inspiring and life-changing studying abroad might be, Claudia knows very well how hard it is to start a new life in a foreign country and is aware of all the challenges it could bring.

Claudia is here to offer a helping hand to all the International students that might feel a bit lost and overwhlemed by this new experience.
Moving abroad is not easy and definitely not something everyone is willing to do- so well done to you all for making this choice!

International Students Officer

Viljo Wilding - LGBT+ Officer

Pronouns - They/Them

As a former SU President, revitalising Woodhouse College’s SU and turning a small union into a campaigning organisation that delivered for students. Viljo was a member of the NUS FE & Societies and Citizenship Zone Committees in 2018-19 and attended NUS conference in 2019 where they supported the Save NUS Trans campaign. Since then, Viljo has been working and volunteering in the charity sector. As a Board Member of ADHD Europe, an international non-profit representing people with ADHD, they helped to setup an LGBT+ Committee to understand the experiences of LGBT+ people with ADHD and ensure they are represented in our work.

LGBT+ Officer

Callum Jones - men's welfare Officer

Pronouns - He/Him

Info coming soon

Men's Welfare Officer

Gbadebowale Richard Oyinloye (Debo) - Postgraduate Officer

Pronouns - He/Him

Debo is currently studying MSc. Business with Supply Chain Management.

Debo is keen on representation as he was social secretary of the national association of philosophy students during his undergraduate degree where he led several impactful campaigns. Whilst working for Diageo, he was an active member of the labour union where he facilitated organisational change and contributed to dynamic organisational projects that have left long-lasting impacts. Debo has always placed PEOPLE at the forefront of his agenda.

Postgraduate Officer

Cecil Mckie - Trans Welfare Officer

Pronouns - He/Him

Cecil is passionate about activism, and regularly takes part in marches for causes he believes in and cares deeply about subjects such as civil rights and sustainability. Cecil is also President of the LGBT+ society at UWE working to raise money for LGBT+ charities through LGBT+ events. As an Environmental Science student he will make it his priority to keep everything he works on as sustainable as possible.

Trans Welfare Officer

Maria Brookes - Women's welfare Officer

Pronouns - She/Her

Maria is currently a psychology student, and has listened to the problems women have faced across Bristol and how services have let you down. Maria wants to ensure campus and all of UWE is a safe and warming place.

Maria is looking to work collaboratively with other officers to create an inclusive environment and improve mental health. Action needs to be taken to make students of intersecting backgrounds are listened to.

Women's Welfare Officer

Elijah Kellman - Advisory capacity

Student Mental Health Researcher

Info coming soon

place holder