2017 student leaders

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2017 student leaders


Zain Choudhry
Jamie Jordon
VP Education
Bahkai Wynter
VP Societies & Communication
Erin Mills
VP Sports & Health
SiÂn Hampson
VP Community & Welfare
Here at UWE Bristol, we celebrate diversity and inclusiveness to help better your student experience. Be bold, be active and be involved!
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SU President's Blog

#IAMBRISTOL Campaign launches across the City of Bristol
President, Zain Choudhry, launches IAMBRISTOL Campaign

Your President, Zain Choudhry, announces the launch of the #IAMBRISTOL: A City United Against Islamophobia Campaign.

Starting the Academic Year
Zain Choudhry, President

Your President, Zain Choudhry, talks about starting the new academic year at UWE Bristol and what positive change he hopes to see this year.

Eid Mubarak

On behalf of the Students' Union, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you Eid Mubarak and a fantastic day spent with your loved ones.

Chinese New Year
Ahmd with UWE Hong Kong Society at their celebration

I was lucky enough to attend two New Year celebrations; one with UWE Malaysian Society and one with UWE Hong Kong Society. Here is what I got up to.

Vietnamese Society's Tet Show
Group photo at the Tet Show

Ahmd shares his experience at the amazing Tet show hosted by the Vietnamese Society.

Christmas With Ahmd

On 25 December (Christmas Day) we had a very warm gathering in The Students’ Union Bar at Frenchay where many students joined Christmas with Ahmd to spend some time together and have some food and drinks.

3 Super Great Things The Students’ Union Are Doing For International Students This Year
101 Things

Ahmd and Sian have some updates about what The Students' Union are working on for international students.

August Report

Over the summer I have attended training courses, conferences and engaged with prospective students in order to develop positive change this academic year, both locally and nationally in order to enhance your student experience.


Zain's Progress Updates

  • Initial talks held with the Head of Space Management and Design about space in both OneZone and Prayer Rooms.

    Started plans for the ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’ campaign.

    Plans in motion for an Anti-Islamophobia campaign.

    Held talks with Director of Academic Services with regards to the Relaxation Room.

    Meeting held with University Chaplain and talks with the Equality & Diversity manager over the introduction of a ‘Faith Hub’.
I represent you on all academic matters, locally and nationally. This can range from the curriculum, to course costs, assessments and access to education.
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VP Education's Blog

Holocaust Memorial Day
Holocaust Memorial Day

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, we will be giving a short talk at The Students’ Union at Frenchay Campus, Building 1, on Friday 26 January at 13:00 followed by a two minute silence and a vigil. Refreshments will be available.

Building on our commitment to sustainability at UWE
UWE Bristol commit to a sustainable future

The Students' Union and UWE Bristol pledge their responsibility and commitment towards sustainability in award-winning Sustainability Plan.

5 reasons why you should stand in The Leadership Race
Jamie Jordon, VP Education

We have a variety of roles to go for, from one of the five full-time Presidents, to one of the many part-time roles. Regardless of the role you choose to go for, holding such a position can bring about many positive changes, both at UWE and for yourself.

Make your voice heard
Jamie Jordon, VP Education

The Students’ Union are collecting data to help understand our students’ mental health and how you have found the provisions currently in place at UWE Bristol.

10 Reasons to Stand as a Department Rep
Stand as a department rep at UWE

Not sure whether to stand to be a Department Rep? Have a read and see if we can convince you.

Five ways you can get involved in democracy at The Students' Union
Voting at The Students' Union

The Students’ Union is run by students for students. Jamie Jordon, your VP Education talks about the five ways you can get involved with democracy at The Students’ Union.

One year down, one more to go.

A year later and we are already at handover week again – time really does fly by when you are having fun! My year as Vice President Education has been an invaluable experience.

10 Reasons Why You Should Register To Vote

With a Snap General Election coming, you should make sure you are registered to vote.


The exam season is upon us,here are some self-care and exam tips with #UWESaysRelax

Student Experience Awards
Award winners at The Student Experience Awards

On Monday 3 April, The Student Experience Awards 2017 took place at the fantastic At-Bristol.


Jamie's Progress Updates

  • Sian and I have met with Head of Strategy and Executive Services, Student and Academic Services surrounding mental health and academic personal tutors. We have also met with the Director of Student Experience for the Faculty of Environment and Technology to go over Faculty plans for mental health.

    We have met with the Pro Vice Chancellor (Student Experience) to discuss course costs. We are currently reviewing the printing credit system and how this can be taken forward. We are also looking at other various costs such as materials and degree shows.

    I have been part of the procession at 10 graduation ceremonies during July.

    I attended NUS Lead and Change training in Leeds for 3 days in July.

    Erin and I have started action planning work for gaining an authorised absence scheme for sports teams who have away games.
I want you to have a fulfilling time at university. There's loads of activities to join in, so join a society and be a part of something amazing!
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Contact Bahkai

0117 328 7568

VP Societies & Communication's Blog

Global Majority Campaign for Black History Month
Global Majority Campaign for Black History Month

Your VP Societies and Communication, Bahkai Wynter, reflects on October's Black History Month campaign.

VP Societies and Communications: End of Year

Eleven months later, I’m sat at my desk in The Students’ Union reflecting on what I have managed to achieve this year. The experience of the elections, individual projects, working alongside staff, the university directorate and the students has been an opportunity that I will never forget.

Jailbreak - Team Sabbulous
Team Sabbulous ready to set off.

Last weekend Sian, Jamie and I took part in Jailbreak as Team Sabbulous. The aim was to far away from Frenchay Campus as we could in 36 hours with no money, we had to report to HQ every two hours - here is how we got on.

UWE Conquers Kilimanjaro 2017

Mount Kilimanjaro. The tallest mountain in Africa. Considering I get out of breath climbing a flight of stairs… seems a bit ambitious for me.

Stand: The Leadership Race
Olivia Evans - VP Societies and Communication

Are you considering standing for a position at The Students’ Union at UWE? If yes, great! If no, why not? It is one of the most empowering things you will ever do.

SHAG Week - TIGER Training

As part of SHAG week, we are hosting some training sessions focussing on Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect (TIGER).

Stop Start Keep - Second Round

At the first Societies Conference, I invited committee members from all societies to voice what they would like The Students’ Union to Stop/Start/Keep regarding communication.

Reclaim the night

On the evening of Friday 25 November, Bristol Students’ Union (Bristol SU) and The Students’ Union at UWE took to the streets to Reclaim the Night.

Stop Start Keep

At the first Societies Conference, I invited committee members from all societies to voice what they would like The Students’ Union to Stop/Start/Keep regarding communication.

August Report

Summer is nearly over and it’s been so busy at The Students’ Union!


I’m here to support and encourage all of you looking to get involved with sports, either socially or competitively, regardless of your ability and background.
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VP Sports & Health's Blog

Varsity Series continues with Friday Night Lights and Netball coming up
Varsity Series 2017-18

This year’s Varsity Series is set to look slightly different to last year. The series will be spread out across the year, beginning with the Colour Run in October and finishing with the 10K in April.

Reflection of My Year as VP Sport & Health

When we first started our officer roles last June, I had no idea what the year ahead had in store.

Varsity 2017

UWE Bristol are looking to bring the Varsity Trophy back after 2 years away, so pick up your spectator tee’s and foam fingers and get down and show your support for TeamUWE.

August Report

July and August has been an exciting time at The Students’ Union with lots of change and progress happening. As a sabbatical team, one of our first major tasks was to conduct a report on Graduation costs and we are now working towards lowering them by presenting our findings to the university.


Erin's Progress Updates

  • Attended Introduction to BUCS and various NUS conferences.

    Started planning authorised absence campaign with action points.

    Began to research venues to organise Wednesday sports night.

    Sat on a Varsity Board and started to think about plans for the series.
I champion student welfare issues and work to celebrate the community and diversity that we have here at UWE Bristol.
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VP Community & Welfare's Blog

The Students' Union launch Mental Health Accreditation Scheme for Sports Clubs and Societies

This year a key priority for The Students’ Union is mental health; this is why we are launching a mental health accreditation scheme for our sports clubs and societies.

It's OK not to be OK this Christmas
Sian Hampson, VP Community and Welfare

When there seems to be a huge expectation to be happy, thankful, and joyful; the fact that you are finding the season difficult can cause guilt. However, it is important to know and understand that it is OK to not be OK this Christmas and New Year.

Student Fire Safety Awareness
VP Community and Welfare, Sian Hampson, on fire safety

Your VP Community and Welfare, Sian Hampson, talks about the importance of student fire safety awareness and her experience with Avon Fire Services.

Need help with Student Accommodation?
The Advice Centre at The Students' Union

Sian Hampson, your VP Community and Welfare, explains how Marks Out Of Tenency could help you with your student accommodation issues and needs.

Glenside Colour Run raises over £900
Glenside Colour Run 2017

On Friday 22 September, the Students' Union Presidents ran the Glenside Colour Run in aid of PAPYRUS Charity.

World Suicide Prevention Day - Let's Talk
Advice Centre at The Students' Union at UWE

Sian Hampson, your VP Community and Welfare, talks about the support available to you surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day.

Welfare Committee

If you are passionate about housing issues, mental health, sexual health or any other welfare issues the new Welfare Committee is for you!

10 Things I Achieved This Year

This job has been one of the best things I have ever done. There is no way I can deny that. It has also been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. Sabbatical life is unreal, hectic, and testing. It is also fun, rewarding, and inspiring.


In September 2017 UWE will be launching its very own Nightline, meaning our students will have somewhere to turn to after office hours.

10 Reasons Why You Should Register To Vote

With a Snap General Election coming, you should make sure you are registered to vote.


Sian's Progress Updates

  • Launched the student wellbeing survey, which will form the basis of the Union’s mental health work this year. It will also give us a strong direction of what we should be prioritising in the coming years.

    Ran World Mental Health Day activities with the help of the presidents, Union and Welfare Committee. We raised over £200 for Bristol Mind and launched the student wellbeing survey.

    Attended Healthy University group with Erin and managed to get sexual health added as a standing agenda item, which should work as a tool to push up sexual health on the University’s agenda.

    Managed to get the proposal concerning the University to act as a guarantor for international students accepted by the International Student Experience Group. Now it is going to the directorate.
  • Attending Welcome events and welcoming new students was a key part of this month. I worked alongside the HallsLife Coordinator to feed into the Hey HallsLife daytime event.

    Held the first Welfare Committee meeting, where we discussed the direction the committee should take and what activities we want to run this year. This is where plans for World Mental Health Day were also discussed. Secured funding from the University to run World Mental Health Day activities, making the event wider ranging than previously anticipated.

    Met with the Nightline Committee several times to discuss policies and training. Looking to launch in the coming months.
  • Planning and preparation for World Mental Health Day: working on launching student wellbeing survey and securing a prize incentive for those who fill it out.

    Starting to advertise Welfare committee and recruiting for it. Working out how it will be imbedded in what the Union does, and what its scope will be.

    Working with our HallsLife Coordinator to discuss how Halls Committees will work and what their scope will be. Working on the structure, ready to launch in the October By-elections.
  • VP Education and I have met with the Pro Vice Chancellor of Student Experience to talk about course costs, more information will be coming soon.

    Met with Faculty of Environment and Technology to discuss a mental health strategy, and how we can work to ensure their students are supported. I am hoping to work with other faculties will follow FETs example, and make their own strategies.

    Started planning SHAG Week 2017 with VP Sports and Health.

    Started planning for World Mental Health Day, as well as a student support survey to use to lobby for improvements at UWE.

    Working with the Nightline committee to progress Nightline ready for a September launch.





Iraje Ahmed
Education Officer
Krystof Klimes
International Students' Officer
Chelsea McNulty
Societies & Communication Officer
Amy Bernice Staff
Sustainability Officer
Shamil Mohamed Ali
Sports & Health Officer

Contact Iraje

E-Mail: suofficer.education@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Krystof

E-Mail: suofficer.international@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Chelsea

E-Mail: suofficer.socscomms@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Amy

E-Mail: suofficer.sustainability@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Shamil

E-Mail: suofficer.sportshealth@uwe.ac.uk

Caine Tayo Lewin-Turner
Black Minority Ethnic Officer
City Campus Officer
Community and Welfare Officer
Samuel Cornelius-Light
Disabled Students Officer
Frenchay Campus Officer

Contact Caine

E-Mail: suofficer.bme@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Dawid

E-Mail: suofficer.citycampus@uwe.ac.uk

Office Hours: TBC

  • Creating a strong, stable and sufficient link with all the City Campuses,
  • Organising events in the City Campuses that will be widely advertised to ensure the biggest reach and turnout
  • Discussing with students about any lack of equipment or facilities they notice within their course and making sure these insufficiencies are dealt with immediately

Contact Shannon

E-Mail: suofficer.commwelfare@uwe.ac.uk

Office Hours: 9:15-10:00 Monday 29 Jan SU Bar Frenchay,12:30-13:30 Monday 5 Feb SU Bar Glenside, 9:00-10:00 Monday 16 Feb SU Bar Bower.

  • Work with the Veg*n society to get better vegan items on university menus.
  • Work with student services to improve Extenuating Circumstances and Suspended study.
  • Get safer travel to and from university.

Contact Samuel

E-Mail: suofficer.disabledstudents@uwe.ac.uk

Office Hours: TBC

  • Increase awareness of disability at UWE and how it shouldn't be a barrier
  • Be a point of contact for any disability-related issue that are afflicting students
  • Making sure that all UWE campuses are accessible and can cater for all disabilities.

Contact David

E-Mail: suofficer.frenchay@uwe.ac.uk

LGBT+ Officer
Natalie Sallis
Glenside Campus Officer
Jodie Ashford
Gloucester Campus Officer
Giang Nguyen
Postgraduate Officer

Contact Liberty

E-Mail: suofficer.lgbt@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Giang

E-Mail: suofficer.postgraduate@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Natalie

E-Mail: suofficer.glenside@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Jodie

E-Mail: suofficer.gloucester@uwe.ac.uk