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2018 student leaders


Picture of president Giang Nguyen
Giang Nguyen
Picture of vice president of education Ayrden Pocock
Ayrden Pocock
VP Education
Picture of vice president of Societies and communication Freddie Gough
Freddie Gough
VP Societies & Communication
Jade Marsella
VP Sports & Health
Augusta Chidinma Nnajiofor
VP Community & Welfare
I am here to dedicate all my heart and capability to empower students, listen to your university problems and deliver valuable experiences to your academic lives.
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SU President's Blog

Zain Choudhry reflects on past year as President

My time in office is coming to an end very soon, so I would like to first of all thank every student who has encouraged, supported and assisted in all the work I have personally been involved with during my Presidency.

Last 99 days: Maximising our efforts

With less than 99 days left in office, as Friday 29 June is officially our last day as the five full-time Presidents for 2017/18, it's time to start maximising our efforts...

#IAMBRISTOL Campaign launches across the City of Bristol
President, Zain Choudhry, launches IAMBRISTOL Campaign

Your President, Zain Choudhry, announces the launch of the #IAMBRISTOL: A City United Against Islamophobia Campaign.

Starting the Academic Year
Zain Choudhry, President

Your President, Zain Choudhry, talks about starting the new academic year at UWE Bristol and what positive change he hopes to see this year.

Eid Mubarak

On behalf of the Students' Union, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you Eid Mubarak and a fantastic day spent with your loved ones.

Chinese New Year
Ahmd with UWE Hong Kong Society at their celebration

I was lucky enough to attend two New Year celebrations; one with UWE Malaysian Society and one with UWE Hong Kong Society. Here is what I got up to.

Vietnamese Society's Tet Show
Group photo at the Tet Show

Ahmd shares his experience at the amazing Tet show hosted by the Vietnamese Society.

Christmas With Ahmd

On 25 December (Christmas Day) we had a very warm gathering in The Students’ Union Bar at Frenchay where many students joined Christmas with Ahmd to spend some time together and have some food and drinks.

3 Super Great Things The Students’ Union Are Doing For International Students This Year
101 Things

Ahmd and Sian have some updates about what The Students' Union are working on for international students.

August Report

Over the summer I have attended training courses, conferences and engaged with prospective students in order to develop positive change this academic year, both locally and nationally in order to enhance your student experience.


Giang's Progress Updates

  • Update to follow.
I'm here to campaign for and deliver on the educational issues that matter to you.
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VP Education's Blog

Council tax win for third year students

It was brought to the attention of our VP Education, Ayrden Pocock, that third year students were being made to pay council tax from the date of their last exam at UWE, which for some was as early as April. With many students still having to perform academic activities following their last exam, Ayrden took this issue to the University.

Jamie Jordon reflects on past year as your VP Education

My second year as Vice President Education has been just as fun and exciting as the first. We started the year bonding as a new team and panning out our ideas for the year.

VP Education successfully lobbies university to address course costs

This year, I have continued to raise awareness of the extra costs that students incur whilst studying at UWE Bristol. After undertaking a piece of research to identify various costs of concern to students, and compiling this into a report, I have lobbied the University to think about what they should do to ensure that they address this significant issue.

Student Experience Awards - 2018 Winners

The annual Student Experience Awards were held at M Shed on Thursday 19 April in celebration of all the hard work and dedication of student reps and staff across UWE Bristol. Here are the winners...

Reduce Utilities Year on Year

We all need to make a concerted effort to be less wasteful and more efficient if we are to reduce our carbon emissions in line with the targets that we have collectively set.

Bristol4Grenfell March - Wednesday 14 March

On Wednesday 14 March, Bristol4Grenfell have organised a march, supported by the Justice for Grenfell Campaign and Bristol People’s Assembly, in solidarity with the residents of London’s Grenfell Estate. The Students’ Union Executive have voted in favour to endorse and support this march.

Holocaust Memorial Day
Holocaust Memorial Day

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, we will be giving a short talk at The Students’ Union at Frenchay Campus, Building 1, on Friday 26 January at 13:00 followed by a two minute silence and a vigil. Refreshments will be available.

Building on our commitment to sustainability at UWE
UWE Bristol commit to a sustainable future

The Students' Union and UWE Bristol pledge their responsibility and commitment towards sustainability in award-winning Sustainability Plan.

5 reasons why you should stand in The Leadership Race
Jamie Jordon, VP Education

We have a variety of roles to go for, from one of the five full-time Presidents, to one of the many part-time roles. Regardless of the role you choose to go for, holding such a position can bring about many positive changes, both at UWE and for yourself.

Make your voice heard
Jamie Jordon, VP Education

The Students’ Union are collecting data to help understand our students’ mental health and how you have found the provisions currently in place at UWE Bristol.


Ayrden's Progress Updates

  • Update to follow.
I'm here to ensure that students get the most out of the fantastic societies we have here at UWE.
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VP Societies & Communication's Blog

VP Socs and Comms ensures a better future for UWE Societies with multi-year memberships
VP Societies and Communication, Freddie Gough

Your VP Societies and Communication, Freddie Gough, is pleased to announce that UWE societies are now able to offer 2 or 3 year memberships to allow them to plan ahead and ensure for a better future for their members.

Bahkai Wynter reflects on his year as VP Societies and Communication

My year as VP Societies and Communication has been extremely formative and has allowed me to develop in more ways than I can count. From the moment I was elected to my final few weeks in post, I feel every day has been an invaluable opportunity filled with new interactions, exciting challenges and learning.

Global Majority Campaign for Black History Month
Global Majority Campaign for Black History Month

Your VP Societies and Communication, Bahkai Wynter, reflects on October's Black History Month campaign.

VP Societies and Communications: End of Year

Eleven months later, I’m sat at my desk in The Students’ Union reflecting on what I have managed to achieve this year. The experience of the elections, individual projects, working alongside staff, the university directorate and the students has been an opportunity that I will never forget.

Jailbreak - Team Sabbulous
Team Sabbulous ready to set off.

Last weekend Sian, Jamie and I took part in Jailbreak as Team Sabbulous. The aim was to far away from Frenchay Campus as we could in 36 hours with no money, we had to report to HQ every two hours - here is how we got on.

UWE Conquers Kilimanjaro 2017

Mount Kilimanjaro. The tallest mountain in Africa. Considering I get out of breath climbing a flight of stairs… seems a bit ambitious for me.

Stand: The Leadership Race
Olivia Evans - VP Societies and Communication

Are you considering standing for a position at The Students’ Union at UWE? If yes, great! If no, why not? It is one of the most empowering things you will ever do.

SHAG Week - TIGER Training

As part of SHAG week, we are hosting some training sessions focussing on Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect (TIGER).

Stop Start Keep - Second Round

At the first Societies Conference, I invited committee members from all societies to voice what they would like The Students’ Union to Stop/Start/Keep regarding communication.

Reclaim the night

On the evening of Friday 25 November, Bristol Students’ Union (Bristol SU) and The Students’ Union at UWE took to the streets to Reclaim the Night.


Freddie's Progress Updates

  • Working with Opportunities and Finance, I have introduced multi-year memberships for societies to offer. The benefits of this mean that societies can plan better for their future and save students money on renewing their memberships each year. With this being one of my main manifestos points, I’m really pleased to have managed to get it put in place before the start of the 2018/19 academic year begins so that societies will be able to offer this to joining students.
I’m here to ensure sport is available for all students and to encourage a healthy lifestyle at UWE.
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VP Sports & Health's Blog

Erin Mills looks back on her year as your VP Sports and Health

This last year as VP Sports & Health has absolutely flown by! It’s been an extremely busy, often challenging but brilliant year. I’ve experienced so much, learnt new skills and developed my confidence hugely...

Varsity Series continues with Friday Night Lights and Netball coming up
Varsity Series 2017-18

This year’s Varsity Series is set to look slightly different to last year. The series will be spread out across the year, beginning with the Colour Run in October and finishing with the 10K in April.

Reflection of My Year as VP Sport & Health

When we first started our officer roles last June, I had no idea what the year ahead had in store.

Varsity 2017

UWE Bristol are looking to bring the Varsity Trophy back after 2 years away, so pick up your spectator tee’s and foam fingers and get down and show your support for TeamUWE.

August Report

July and August has been an exciting time at The Students’ Union with lots of change and progress happening. As a sabbatical team, one of our first major tasks was to conduct a report on Graduation costs and we are now working towards lowering them by presenting our findings to the university.


Jade's Progress Updates

  • Update to follow.
I will represent your voice on welfare and community related issues and work to ensure that our community is truly inclusive and engaging for all.
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VP Community & Welfare's Blog

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Black History Month Magazine
Black History Month Magazine

Our first ever Black History Month magazine has been released, curated by 2017/18 BME Officer, Caine Tayo Lewin-Turner and created by UWE students and alumni.

VP Community and Welfare, Augusta, tries out the benefits of sit stand desks!

Following on from recent research undertaken by the University of Leicester (see here) on the benefits of sit-stand desks, we have been lucky enough to have some in The Students’ Union to try out! See how Augusta got on...

Sian Hampson looks back on the past two years as your VP Community and Welfare

I can’t believe it has been two years as your Vice President Community and Welfare – I have been so honoured to hold this position and I really hope I have done a good job. When our marketing team asked us to put together a review of our year, I’m not going to lie, I put it off. I guess I didn’t want to admit this great adventure was ending!

Rent freeze success for next academic year

Your VP Community and Welfare is delighted to announce that after a lot of hard work, The Students' Union has successfully lobbied the university to freeze rent prices for the next academic year.

Great things The Students' Union have done on mental health this year

Over the past year, your Student Leaders have worked hard to improve the work that The Students' Union is doing on mental health. See their biggest achievements so far...

Mental Health Accreditation

In January we launched our societies and sports mental health accreditation. This idea was born after we had Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh speaking at The Students’ Union last year about mental health in sport. We know that sports clubs and societies provide amazing support to our students, and wanted to give them the tools to run their own mental health campaigns.

The Students' Union launch Mental Health Accreditation Scheme for Sports Clubs and Societies

This year a key priority for The Students’ Union is mental health; this is why we are launching a mental health accreditation scheme for our sports clubs and societies.

It's OK not to be OK this Christmas
Sian Hampson, VP Community and Welfare

When there seems to be a huge expectation to be happy, thankful, and joyful; the fact that you are finding the season difficult can cause guilt. However, it is important to know and understand that it is OK to not be OK this Christmas and New Year.

Student Fire Safety Awareness
VP Community and Welfare, Sian Hampson, on fire safety

Your VP Community and Welfare, Sian Hampson, talks about the importance of student fire safety awareness and her experience with Avon Fire Services.

Need help with Student Accommodation?
The Advice Centre at The Students' Union

Sian Hampson, your VP Community and Welfare, explains how Marks Out Of Tenency could help you with your student accommodation issues and needs.


Augusta's Progress Updates

  • Update to follow.



Picture of International Students' Officer
International Students' Officer
Picture of Sustainability Officer
Ciaran Gutteridge
Sustainability Officer
Picture of Postgraduate Officer
Quynh Nguyen
Postgraduate Officer
Picture of City Campus Officer
Joe MarshalL Evans
City Campus Officer
Picture of Disabled Students Officer
Samuel Cornelius-Light
Disabled Students Officer

Contact Samuel

I'm here to represent and support all UWE disabled students to achieve their full potential.

E-Mail: suofficer.disabledstudents@uwe.ac.uk

Contact David

I will ensure that international students’ have a smooth transition into a welcoming and diverse community.

Read my Manifesto

E-Mail: suofficer.international@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Ciaran

As your Sustainability Officer, I look forward to working with you for a greener future.

Read my Manifesto

E-Mail: suofficer.sustainability@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Quynh

I believe our differences are the most valuable contributions to our achievements and will make sure your issues are heard.

Read my Manifesto

E-Mail: suofficer.postgraduate@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Joe

I’m here to ensure all City Campus students are represented and have the opportunity and support to enjoy university.

Read my Manifesto

E-Mail: suofficer.citycampus@uwe.ac.uk

Picture of LGBT+ Officer
George Stratos
LGBT+ Officer
Picture of Glenside Campus Officer
Hasina Ghani
Glenside Campus Officer
Picture of Gloucester Campus Officer
Jocelyn O'Brien
Gloucester Campus Officer
Picture of Black Minority Ethnic Officer

Black Minority Ethnic Officer

Contact George

I'd like to make sure that every student is valued for their individuality and treated fairly with dignity and respect.

Read my Manifesto

E-Mail: suofficer.lgbt@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Hasina

I will represent all students at Glenside and encourage inter-professional networking

Read my Manifesto

E-Mail: suofficer.glenside@uwe.ac.uk

Contact Jocelyn

I will work with faculty members, staff and societies to enhance the student experience on Gloucester campus.

Read my Manifesto

E-Mail: suofficer.gloucester@uwe.ac.uk

Contact ?

This position will go to a by-election in October. If you are interested and would like to know more, contact suelections@uwe.ac.uk

E-Mail: suofficer.bme@uwe.ac.uk