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City Campus Officer MEhgan Skelton


My name is Mehgan Skelton, a 3rd year Journalism and Public Relations student, across this academic year I aim to bridge the gap between the city campuses and Frenchay. Our city campuses although not large in size are large in spirit and creativity, they deserve to be heard on equal grounds. I represent these campuses and their students, and I intend to do them justice.

Charity work is close to my heart, especially cancer charities, our biggest killer currently across the globe. Therefore, throughout the year fundraising will be a significant part of my role and actions as City Campus Officer. Let us group together for those vulnerable and in need, in all matters of life.

University is often described as the best years of a person’s life; it is about finding out who you are as a human being. For many it is the first major decision that was solely made by themselves and not their parents, we are all a little lost at first. First years are new and nervous whilst third years are busy at work and scared for their future, we all go through these experiences, no matter the outcome that is what they are life lessons. I plan to be an approachable face for our campuses and university, if you see me on campus or in a coffee shop, I am a friend and a confidant, so do not be scared to talk to me face to face. Tell me your ideas and concerns, if I’m able I will help to the best of my ability.

I look forward to working with all of you.

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