What to do with Non Academic Feedback

I've got some feedback or a topic I want to tackle that isn't to do with my course, what should I do?

Student Rep Staff Forums (SRSFs) are a great place to work with staff on course-related issues, but what happens when feedback you have is about a topic that is wider than just your course and maybe affects students across the University? It is often quicker and easier to raise your feedback straight to the relevant department. This page is here to help you!


One option is to submit a Student Idea, this is where any student can have their say and, if enough other students believe it is a good idea The Students' Union will start working on making it a reality.


Below we have some ideas on where you can send feedback across a number of different areas. Otherwise, you can always click here to tell us and we can work with you to get things actioned.


Here are some quick links to some key areas which may be of help! 

IT Related



Life on Campus


UWE Facilities and Maintenance

Hospitality (Catering, Bars and Shops)


Anything Else Not Covered

IT Related

If you are having problems with anything IT related at UWE, IT Services are your best port of call. 

Whether this is connecting to your wifi, printing, getting emails onto your smartphones or you need a bit of software but can’t find a computer with it, IT services can either help you over the phone or will know someone who can. IT services also advise students of any planned shutdowns or unplanned disruptions going on. As of 2015, all planned shutdowns will be outside of term time to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

Find their webpages here: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/its/

Phone: 0117 32 83612

Email: its.helpdesk@uwe.ac.uk

You can also visit one of the IT Support Centres:

Level 3 of the Frenchay Campus Library (room 3D028a), at the library on Glenside Campus (1D17), Bower Libary (1A01) or 4AF01 at the Arnolfini during the following times: Monday to Thursday - 09:00 to 16:30 and Fridays - 09:00 to 16:00. Alternatively, you can try the FET IT Helpdesk in 2Q33 (Term time - out of term time as above) Monday to Thursday - 08:45 to 17:30 and Fridays - 08:45 to 17:00. They are closed for visits on Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays and University closure days.



Getting to and from campus is an important part of a student’s day. Whether you bus, cycle or drive UWE Transport can provide support on purchasing permits, tickets and can also direct feedback to relevant teams.

Find their webpages here

Phone: 0117 32 81222 (parking) or 0117 32 81542 (buses, cycling)

Email: travel.plan@uwe.ac.uk

or if you need to get hold of the bus companies...

First Phone: 0117 244 4040

First Twitter: @FirstBSA

Metro Website: https://metrobusbristol.co.uk/

Metro Twitter: @metrobusBristol

Recently the Students’ Union has been working closely with UWE Transport on a number of projects. Looking at the bus service and cycling in particular. So far more cycle racks have been installed, as have cycle pumps and work was done to lobby for a better bus service for students. You may be interested to read more about this work before providing feedback to UWE Transport, in case work is already underway to address your concern. Find out more here: www.thestudentsunion.co.uk/representation/campaigns/



Sustainability is a key area that UWE Bristol and The Student's Union work closely towards. In 2015, Bristol was proudly the European Green Capital and the momentum hasn't stopped since!

The Students' Union supports The Green Team, a group of students who share an interest in sustainability and are passionate about exploring ways to create positive change on campus and in the Bristol Community. There is also an elected Sustainability Officer who ensures that Sustainability is embedded within the University and the Union. 

If you have a project idea, the Sustainability Officer and The Green Team are good contacts to have. 

Get involved: The Green Team

Contact: The SU Sustainability Officer

Find out more: UWE Sustainability 


Life on campus

Did you know each year the student body elect voluntary Campus Officers as part of the Students’ Union at UWE constitution? These students kindly work with their campus peers, the Union and relevant staff to improve the student experience on specific campuses. Sometimes they may choose to hold informal meetings to discuss particular issues on campus or to think up fresh ideas as a group to make life on campus the best it can be.

These meetings might discuss ideas for events, campaigns, campus improvements or community projects. Equally, if you have an issue that relates to your campus specifically you might want to keep the elected Campus Officer in the loop, even if you’re happy to raise the concern yourself. Or perhaps you want to raise it at a forum with them?

The elected officers for this year are:

City Campus Officer – Mehgan Skelton

Glenside Campus Officer - Marlene Williamson

Find out more about what they’re working on here.



Student Reps don't officially deal with accommodation related feedback, as this falls outside of the Rep role. If you have wide accommodation concerns, you can always speak to the Vice President Community and Welfare. Otherwise, the best options are to speak to the teams below who can help with all things accommodation!

Accommodation in halls

UWE Accommodation Services look after UWE managed accommodation such as those found on the Frenchay and Glenside Campuses. Lots of information can be found on their website and students can visit receptions or speak to their Student Warden to give feedback or raise concerns.

Students in other halls such as those run by Unite Students or Abodus Student Living can again find information on the websites of the management companies.

During the first term, The Students’ Union will be sending out their Settle In Team to speak to students and help them settle into the city. The team will be going around as many halls as they can, so look out for their visit! The Students’ Union will also be launching a Halls Rep scheme, more details to follow soon.

Phone: 0117 3283601 (UWE Accommodation Services team)

Email: accommodation@uwe.ac.uk

Private Accommodation

If students need support or advice they can get free impartial advice from The Students Union Advice Centre. Their friendly staff can provide advice and guidance on accommodation issues, whether you live in a UWE managed property, other UWE affiliated halls or in the private sector with a landlord or agency.


UWE facilities and maintenance

If something isn’t working as it should in a classroom, other teaching space or communal area (that isn’t in accommodation) and it isn’t related to IT or the Library (see above) you should report it to UWE Facilities. Whether this is a broken chair or a classroom that’s too hot they’re your first port of call. The sooner something is reported the sooner it is likely to be fixed.

Find their web pages here

Phone: 0117 32 81222


Hospitality (catering, bars and shops)

Both UWE and the Students’ Union at UWE provide a range of hospitality services and venues to hopefully cater to all tastes and budgets. The Students’ Union at UWE also manages and run shops on the three main Bristol campuses.

The Students’ Union manage a bar and café in Union 2 of the Students’ Union on Frenchay, and a bar/café at both Bower Ashton and Glenside SU buildings.

We welcome feedback and ideas in relation to any of these services.

If you have feedback on the SU bars/cafes please email: thestudentsunion@uwe.ac.uk

If you have feedback on the SU shops please email: thestudentsunion@uwe.ac.uk

UWE manage a range of outlets across campuses. If you have feedback about these please email: cateringservices@uwe.ac.uk



Whether you’ve got feedback on the choice of books available, an idea for how to improve the space for students or thoughts on how referencing could be explained to students better, make sure to tell Library Services. The team also run workshops on things like referencing, which you might like to give feedback on.

Visit: A Library helpdesk.

In addition, the Library has invested in an interactive feedback point, a machine where you can provide the Library with feedback at the click of a button.

To provide the Library with feedback, click here.


This list hasn't helped?

If we haven't covered quite what you are looking for, or maybe want some more support to action your idea or feedback then you can get in contact with The Students Union