How to become a Rep

How do I become a Rep?

Did you know that ANYONE can become a Student Rep? It's true! You don't need to be part of a secret club or learn a funny handshake, Student Reps are students just like you.

Student Reps are chosen in elections which are held at the start of term in each programme. In these elections, anyone can nominate themselves and run to become a rep. Your fellow students then vote for who they want to represent them. Simple!

How the elections work varies in each programme, but at the core of it is the ability for anyone to run to become a rep and that everyone has the opportunity to have their say in who represents them! It's better than some kind of 'Sorting Hat' system (nice little Harry Potter reference there).

In some elections you may be asked to stand at the front and say why you'd think you would be a great Rep. Others may want you to write something which could then be read to the class or put online (if your election is online). Either way, don't be daunted by it! Just be happy and passionate as to why you'd be the perfect Rep. 

Reps are elected on a 12-month basis at the start of your academic year, be that in September, January or March. So if you miss out this year, there will be a new election next year. This way everyone can have an equal opportunity to run again to become part of our 1000+ strong team of reps. 

So if you think you have what it takes, speak to your programme leader to find out how the elections work in your class. For more general information about the role you can email the rep team 

I'm almost convinced, but can I hear from some previous Student Reps?

Why yes, you can!