To have our student timetables given to us with more notice.

To have our student timetables given to us with more notice - preferably 4 weeks prior to starting a new year.

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Extra Information: At present UWE gives timetables 2 weeks before starting a new year. 

Most employers and childcare providers need a minimum of one month to make changes to contracted hours which means some students either end up missing the first two weeks of lectures and seminars or they end up having to pay for extra childcare to cover the two week period or they end up losing their jobs.

Increasing to 4 weeks notice would make transitioning into new years less stressful and would be fair to those students on lower incomes who must work to support their studies or mature students who have young children. 

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 10th Janurary 2018 and closes for voting on 31st Janurary 2018.


Anna Heywood
6:55pm on 10 Jan 19 Also good for those with a long way to travel back to uni, with travel prices increasing closer to the date of travel.
Charlie Long
2:54pm on 10 Jan 19 Really well thought out argument and valuable change that is possible to achieve.
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