Welcome to the Physician Associate Society at UWE

What are Physician Associates (PAs)?

A physician associate is a healthcare professional who practices medicine as a part of a healthcare team with collaborating physicians and other providers. In the UK, PAs are nationally certified to practice medicine but are not yet able to prescribe. A certified PA may add "C" at the end of his/her postnominal credentials. PAs are trained with the medical model (like doctors) and complete these qualifications in less time than a traditional medical degree. The educational model for PAs is based on the fast-tracked training of physicians during World War II.

The PA Course at UWE

The UWE PA course is now in it's second year and has doubled in size. It offers a way for people with an interest in medicine to practice medicine without the large investment in time required of a traditional medical degree.

The PA Society at UWE

The UWE PA Dociety is a forward-thinking academic society that offers people with an interest in medical science access to a range of innovative academic and social events. It is not just for current or aspiring Physician Associates but for anyone with a general interest in healthcare or medicine. We have close ties with both the UWE Physician Associate course and other courses nationally and internationally.

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Forthcoming events:

Thurs 3 May 2018. 7pm. Rm 1H12, Glenside Campus
Social Prescribing - drugs are not the only script. This is a talk from leaders in the field of "social prescribing" including the President of the College of Medicine and NHS England Social Prescribing Champion Dr Michael Dixon OBE.