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What are Physician Associates (PAs)?

physician associate is a healthcare professional who is trained to a medical model, and practices medicine as a part of a healthcare team with collaborating physicians and other providers. In the UK, PAs are nationally certified to practice medicine but are not yet able to prescribe. A certified PA may add "R" at the end of his/her/their postnominal credentials.

The PA Course at UWE

The UWE PA course is now in its fourth year and has doubled in size. As a relatively new and rigorous programme, it offers an alternative career within a wider multidisciplinary medical team. For more information see https://courses.uwe.ac.uk/B9611/physician-associate-studies or join the open group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1335328979856958/.

The PA Society at UWE

The UWE PA Society is a forward-thinking academic society that offers people with an interest in medical science access to a range of innovative academic and social events. It is not just for current or aspiring Physician Associates but for anyone with a general interest in healthcare or medicine. We have close ties with both the UWE Physician Associate course and other courses nationally and internationally.

Upcoming Events:

March 2020

Tuesday 24th, 18.15, Glenside 1C08 - Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh - Evening Medical Updates - Cough

April 2020

Tuesday 28th April, Glenside 1C08 - Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh - Evening Medical Updates - Blackout/collapse

May 2020

Tuesday 26th May, Glenside 1C08 - Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh - Evening Medical Updates - Rash, limb pain and swelling

Autumn 2020

Physician Associate Study Day - Keep checking here for more information published in the Spring

We hold frequent events throughout the year so stay updated through our social media. For any queries please contact any of the society leadership listed below:

President - Chloe Andrews 

Vice-President - Amy Bowring

Treasurer - Stella Hire     

Media and Publicity - Harriet Cantrill

Social Secretary - Adam Jones

Participation and Equality - Natalie Myatt

Equipment and Safety - Manny James

Third Annual Study Day: Emergency Medicine

The UWE PA Society would like to thank all speakers and attendees at our third annual study day, which took place at the Future Inn Bristol on Saturday 19th October 2019 on the theme of Emergency Medicine.