Welcome to the UWE Microbiological Society,
We're a new academic society based on the different aspects and uses of microbiology in todays society.

We want to get the society off to a good start by organising different activities and opportunities throughout the year, which include:

  • Guest speakers giving lectures on relevant topics
  • Lab time - doing various things ranging from microscopy to culturing bacteria on pour plates
  • Socials

Don't worry if you're not part of a science course, anyone interested and wanting to learn something new is welcome to sign up!

If you have any queries, just contact a committee member or turn up to one of our meetings (schedules to be posted soon).

Follow the link below for exclusive access to our monthly publication - Microbe Monthly

Just copy and paste into your browser!!




Our 2017/2018 committee members:
President: Grace Russell
Vice President: Keri Sheppard 
Treasurer: Virginia Rodriguez Almansa
Participation & Equality Officer: Bethan Mackenzie