PROMPT manuals are due to be published soon - take advantage of this amazing offer of £10 until the end of October! You will be notified when they have been ordered and are ready for collection.

***Hoodies*** Available now!! For a limited time until Monday 23rd October. If you need size guidance and colour charts please speak to one of the Society committee members and we can forward these to you. In order to take advantage of the special price, we have to buy at least 20, if this target is not met you will receive a refund.

The new commitee have lots of exciting events planned for the year and welcome suggestions for what you would like to get from the society. Please contact any of us with any ideas you have.

Thank you to last years commitee who organised an excellent conference and study days throughout the year!


President: Natalia Jenkins

Vice President: Nina Flory

Treasurer: Claire Currell

Participation and Equality Officer: Hollie Clancy

Media and Publicity Officer: Elle Amos




Student Midwives, qualified Midwives and prospective students are all welcome to join the society to take advantage of the events we organise. Bringing people together in this way creates a great community of support for our members and keeps ideas fresh for those in practice.

We are always open to new ideas from our members so please contact us with your suggestions.

The committee meet regularly through the year to put things in place for some great events. There is an official Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February each year where new comittee officers are elected, however if you would like to join the committee as a general member please get in touch at any point throughout the year. 

Colours for the Hoodies are below.