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DocSoc is a social and academic support network that is run by postgrad researchers, for postgrad researchers.  We all too often forget about the people behind the ideas as we are rushing to respond to yet another call for papers, but it is well known (sic) that the sharing of experiences not only leads to peer to peer knowledge transfer, but can also inspire innovation in research approaches or form the basis of collaborative ideas and projects. 

Our aims are to:

  • Build a strong network and community of PhD students, ensuring that we make the most of our time at the university
  • Run social, peer to peer learning and academic events
  • Campaign to improve support and provision for PhD students

The DocSoc meets regularly. For more info, get in touch via our email or Facebook page and be part of the growing UWE postgraduate research community.

Please note that we are not currently notified of new memberships - so please get in touch with us if you have paid your membership and have not heard back from us! We will kindly welcome you :)

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

~ DocSoc

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