WE HAVE NO PLANET B,                                                                                         TIME IS RUNNING OUT

  • Humanity has achieved incredible things.
  • But progress has brought us to a perilous tipping point.
  • Globally responsible engineering can bring us back from the brink.
  • But to do this we need your help, regardless of skillset.



Engineers Without Borders offers UWE students the opportunity to help solve problems that face our planet and society today, through a variety of means and approaches.

Our group focuses on delivering student projects tied in with our core aims of helping the community and to promote greener practices, to achieve this we need people from all fields of study as engineers can’t do it alone.

We also engage in many different events this year tailored around the unique circumstances to ensure that everyone leaving us has an appreciation as to how engineering can be approached in a sustainable and social manner that benefits everyone and that they are not alone in thinking this.

Along with our weekly activates we promote a lot of voluntary activities to give you the chance to get some hands on experience be that in Environment, Conservation and Sustainability,  Science, Engineering and IT, or even  Global volunteering we can help you make an impact.

We aren’t all work though and have frequent social event too, check out the next one on our social media.

If you would like to see what its all about or even just have a question then drop us an email @committee.uwe@ewb-uk.org




Engineers Without Borders started when a group of engineers gave their time and their skills to help people in Ethiopia during the famine of the early 1980s. Now there are 60 organisations around the world.

In 2001, a group of students at University of Cambridge were inspired by one of the founders of Engineers Without Borders Canada, and set up the organisation in the UK.         

Our vision is a world where people everywhere have equal access to the benefits of engineering.                           Our mission is to lead a movement that inspires, enables and influences global responsibility through engineering.

You can follow some of these projects here.

credit: https://www.facebook.com/pg/thewashingmachineproject/photos/?ref=page_internal


President: Gyasi Forbes-Hastings-Brown

Vice President: Georgina Packham

Treasurer: Eward Moore