What is a Game Jam?

A game jam is when an individual or a group are given a theme and with that theme they attempt to create a game. Game jams also have time limits, these are generally 24 hours but can be anywhere from 12 hrs - 2 weeks. At the game jam society our game jams will generally take 24hrs.

Why should you join?

Game jams are an incredible way to meet new people for a passion for game design, thesse people can be: Artists, musicians, programmers or just people who take an interest in gaming. Game jams are also extremely useful for portfolios and many companies inside the game industry and outside would be interested your accomplishments during game jams. We welcome all skill levels, whether you are a game design pro or a newbie who hasnt touched a game engine with a 20 foot stick.


The Game Jam society membership is free, signing up is just so we know who everyone is and we would be grateful if you did sign up.


We will be doing one game jam per month and these will generally be on Saturdays from 10 o clock untill finish. We hope to see you there!!!