Welcome to the UWE Law Society! 


Welcome to UWE Law Society.


With a new year comes a new beginning to the committee and new hopes and directions for which to take the society this coming year.

The priority of the committee remains our members and the events and opportunities we can provide for them. It is vital to us that we know our members feel as though they are a part of our society so we can assure everyone that all concerns or requests will be listened to so that no one feels left out and every member has as say as to how we grow.

After the previous year, it is clear that our society has grown to the point where we can provide the best experiences for our members. Following the connections, within the legal sector and others, we gained last year, we can promise every member and prospective member that there will be many chances to get involved and either learn something new, meet new people or just have fun. And with many events already being prepared, why wait to join?!

Our main focus for the year is inclusivity. We aim to provide events and experiences that everyone can enjoy and to also provide a wide range of experiences to fit everyone’s own personal wants. We understand that people come from all over the world and from completely different backgrounds so we are providing a service in which everyone can be a part of; regardless of who you are.

So, what are you waiting for, become part of the team and join us at UWE Law Society!

For now,


Sam George, President, UWE Law Society