Welcome to the UWE Law Society! 


Welcome to UWE Law Society. As you may have noticed the society this year is embarking on its most ambitious year to date. We hope that you can join us on our journey to become a UK renowned student law society.

The UWE Law Society is a relatively young Society having only recently been formed in 2013. We at the UWE Law Society believe in creating opportunities for all of those interested in law, irrespective of background or ability. 

Value, is a key pillar to our society. Having identified this, we have produced highly unique programmes for our members. Not only do these programmes encourage involvement from members, but they also increase and develop your skill sets; in turn making you stand out in the vast sea of graduates. 

I hope that you become an integral member of your law society, and on behalf of the whole of the law society committee we look forward to seeing you throughout the upcoming year.

Callum Tucker

Law Society President

In the past we have:

• Held a very successful Law Ball with over 100 members in attendance. (This year we will be holding two!)

• Organised a trip for 55 students to London; where we toured the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court, holding the final of the UWE internal mooting competition before Lady Hale, the first female justice in the Supreme Court. 

• Participated in the University of Bristol Inter-Varsity mooting competition with success against Jesus College Oxford and the University of Hertfordshire,

• Enjoyed a 2-night trip to Brussels (including a day-trip to Luxembourg) to see the EU Parliament and CJEU which won the award for 'Best Trip' at the SU Awards 2014. Last year the society went on a trip to Amsterdam to celebrate the end of the January exam period.

• Constantly organised a wide variety of careers and postgraduate events, and more!

This year

For more information on events, schemes, programmes, trips, socials and much more please visit www.lawsocietyuwe.co.uk