Welcome to the UWE Law Society! 


Welcome to UWE Law Society. 

This year brings new faces and ideas to the committee and with such a strong team the society is looking to develop and grow at a rapid rate.

Our members are our main priority and we are looking to organise the events that you want to attend and that would benefit you the most. It is crucial that our members feel part of our society and know that our committee members are approachable, welcoming and most importantly here to help.. 

Formed in 2013, the UWE Law Society is still very young and we hope that all we achieve this year will put us on the map. We strive to become the best at what we do and are already in talks with local professionals and have many exciting events planned for the upcoming year. 

Diversity is a large focus for the committee and we understand that people come from a variety of backgrounds, and so does the committee. Therefore, we want to welcome every one of you with open arms to the society, as it is there for everyone. We’ve even lowered last year’s membership to make it more affordable for those who want to get involved! 

So, what are you waiting for, become part of the team and join us at UWE Law Society and we look forward to meeting you!

For now,


Sam Louwers, President, UWE Law Society