The De Jure Magazine - Articles from a Law Student's perspective.


What is De Jure?

De Jure is a student led magazine on legal stories and principles that have caught the engagement of our student editiors. It is a fantastic platform that gives the options to students to write pieces outside of their studies.

How often does is De Jure released?

We plan to release our first issue late september/ early october. We hope to release a minimum of 2 issues this year.

How do I get involved?

Simply contact the committee and express your interest in taking part in the De Jure project. 

Do I need to have experience?

You don't need any experience to get involved with De Jure. De Jure is open to all law students who want to create a piece which could be published in the De Jure magazine. 

Where can I find previous De Jures?

De Jure is a new magazine still in it's infancy, you can find our first edition on our LinkedIn page or available to download in the link below.


If you would like to get involved with De Jure as a writer, editor or illustrator or if you would like more information about the De Jure Magazine then please don't hesitate in contacting the committee at 

We are currently looking for an illustrator for our Autumn issue- please do contact the team if you are interested!