Welcome to the UWE Students Living at Home Society!

Are you currently a student at UWE, but feel you miss out on the social side of uni life because you are living with your parents? Or a mature student who has their own home? Maybe you are a fresher that lives local to Bristol and have decided to commute in rather than spend money in halls? This Identity Society is for you!

The UWE Students Living at Home group was originally set up in 2013 by students who had a common worry – how on earth were they going to make friends for Freshers?!?!? Starting university is daunting enough, those living in student accommodation have the advantage of a ready-made set of friends, but it can be trickier for those who live off campus.

The group grew very quickly and became very popular. Our events were so popular that UWESU asked us to make it a society– so we have and the group just keeps growing! We have also received the award for ''Best Newcomer Society,'' in 2014/15, a huge achievement and shows how this Identity Society has developed into a success!

We have lots of exciting events planned for Freshers and beyond, including a ice breaker meet and greet the week before Freshers Week starts. Socials will continue throughout the year, which will include meals, such as the Christmas meal, days out, bar crawls, and a trip to the trampolining centre AirHop!

If our society sounds like it is ticking all the boxes for you, please join and come and say hello. We all know what it was like beginning University, so we are always open to questions concerns, or just a general chat about University life.

If you have anymore questions feel free to contact any of the committee by email, facebook and Twitter.

Membership is free. 

Christmas Meal at Zaza Bazar 2015.

Pub golf June 2016

Freshers week 2016