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Welcome to the UWE Students Living at Home Society!

This society is for UWE students that are living at home with their parents, living local to Bristol but are commuting in, perhaps mature students who own their own home or even a fresher who hasn't managed to get a place in halls. If you are worried about making friends, and having someone to go to fresher's with, join our society and meet other people who are in the same boat as you!

A little bit about us....

The UWE Students Living at Home group was originally set up in 2013 by students who had a common worry, ''how on earth were they going to make friends for Fresher's?!?!?'' Starting university is daunting enough, those living in student accommodation have the advantage of a ready-made set of friends, but it can be trickier for those who live off campus. The group grew very quickly and became very popular. Our events were so popular that the Students Union asked us to make it a society & so we have and the group just keeps growing! Since then we have received the award for Best Newcomer Society in 2014/15, in 2017 we were nominated for 4 awards, and we managed to bag the Most Improved Society of the year 2016/2017! Our then President Bex, also won Society Member of the Year!
These are huge achievements and show just how much this Identity Society has developed!

We have lots of events planned for 2017/2018!

We will be doing our annual meet and greet before Freshers Week begins and then continue with some events throughtout Fresher's Week, and our annual Christmas meal at ZaZa's. Socials will continue throughout the year, and we aim to hold at least two events per month, one drinking while the other being a non-drinking daytime event. Some of these events will include nights out, meals, AirHop, Bar Crawls, a trip to the Bristol Christmas Market, BBQ's, Society Awards Ball, Comedy Night, Bowling, Pub quiz's and many more!

If our society sounds like it is ticking all the boxes for you, please join and come and say hello. Membership is free, and remember to join our facebook group for all our upcoming events! We all know what it was like beginning uni, having to commue in or live at home, so we are always open to questions, concerns, or just a general chat about uni life. Feel free to contact us through our email or facebook group! 

          CHRISTMAS MEAL AT ZAZA'S 2015                    SOCIETIE'S AWARDS BALL 2016/2017 

          FRESHER'S WEEK 2017/2018                                   PUB GOLF 2016