Nigerian Students

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The Nigerian Students' Society was created to promote Nigerian culture through various activities.We provide opportunities to foster unity among our members and between them and the wider community in Bristol. We also work with others in the fight against racism and segregation, while promoting equality of opportunity for all.


1. To encourage, promote and preserve the Nigerian heritage within UWE and outwith the community.

2. To engage renowned speakers to give talks to the Society on varying topics

3. To provide and promote a link between The University and Students.

4. To provide academic and moral support for all UWE Nigerian Students.

5. To provide a social forum for all Nigerian Students’ in UWE 

6. To engage with sustainable development on campus through a wide range of initiatives led by Nigerian students in UWE. 

7. To provide a forum for the exchange of information, experiences and opinions in matters of common and particular interest to members.


In addition, we work closely with the university to assist and help our new members adapt and integrate into university life and the UK in general. We presently have some videos on our instagram on NSSUWE on our show called  NSS HELP COPE  ( Short videos and flyer  answering frequently asked questions)



If you want to meet like-minded Nigerians or just learn more about Nigerian culture, we're more than happy to meet you.

Kindly follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn @NSSUWE to network and get further updates.  

Our email address is : .