UWE Poker Society

Meeting of UWE Poker Society 2014-2015

What do we do?

UWE Poker aims to provide a comfortable, affordable, and entertaining society for every member. As a member of UWE Poker you can take part in weekly tournaments of No-Limit Texas Hold'em poker for a £3 buy-in. Each week earn points on the leaderboard and fight for a place in the Grand Final "Main Event Freeroll", where the top 16 point scorers will compete for free prizes! Once every month we also host a £5 buy-in Multi-Table Tournament, with bigger prizes and more points to play for!

Everyone is welcome!

Never played before? Not a problem! As well as actively encouraging all abilities of player to come and play, UWE Poker has created a database of resources for you to use to help improve your playing ability over time - all available online and for absolutely nothing! Download our "Collection of Free Online Poker Learning Resources" below and feel confident in your ability to play a good game of poker - which is all this society is about. As well as this, we'll also be posting links to ways to learn to play poker in our Facebook group on a regular basis.

The best way to learn is to play against people who know how to play. At the table, players will answer any questions you have about the game to ensure you're having as much fun as possible.

We will also be running a "Watch It, Try It, Do It" session the week after Freshers' fair, to teach you the basics of the game. This will be a free session with no money at stake and no membership required! See us at Freshers' Fair for more info!

UWE Poker Society Grand Final players 2014-15

Membership fee

Membership is mandatory for all who wish to play, and is £15 per person. Without a Membership, you will be unable to earn points, and cannot qualify for the main event. The SU forbids us to allow people to play without being members of the society due to restrictions on gambling, and also it’s unfair for some to not pay and have access to the same equipment and have the same care given to paid members. 100% of membership fees go back into the society and fund brand new equipment: including but not limited to: customised poker chips, new playing tables, Freshers’ Fair supplies, end of year tournament prizes. Last year we were able to buy some brand new poker tables, and we will be looking into some new ideas this year going forward.

Events throughout the year

As well as hosting weekly meetings throughout the majority of the academic year, we also have a few events happening throughout the year!


Early October: Monday night casino visit

If you’ve never been to a casino before then this event will be ideal for you! A free introduction to casino poker at Rainbow Casino down Bristol Harbourside, Twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) Rainbow host “freeroll” tournaments, meaning that the first entry into the tournament is absolutely free! It’s the perfect tournament for a first-time casino player with much more emphasis on risky plays than decent poker, however what can you expect when it’s free? Prizes for this tournament are tickets to a £90 entry tournament.

Throughout the year, Regular Tourneys with other Universities

This year we will try to get a semi-regular meetup with other universities in the area to widen our gameplay and bring a change to the standard thursday evening!

Late March / Early April: UWE Poker Grand Final

The top 16 point scorers on the leaderboard will win places to a free tournament offering prizes paid for by the society. Players will start with a 15k starting stack with Bonus chips for leaderboard position and points and play will continue for the entire night so free up your Friday to crawl into bed after the poker marathon!


Early April: UK Student Poker Championship in Coventry!

All society members are invited to join us on a trip to Coventry for the UK Student Poker Championship: a week-long student festival of poker featuring the £36 buy-in Main Event which last year had close to 1,000 entries (including re-entries) and three Day 1s to accommodate all of the players. Poker societies from all across the country attend and compete against one another, so join us to truly test your poker grit against the finest student players of the nation! Elimination from the tournament would only be the beginning of your festival – cash tables and alternate tournaments galore, hang out with everyone from UWE Poker, or meet new people from across the country who have gathered to celebrate their shared interest in the game.

2018-19 Committee

President - Thomas Beaudale
Vice President - Jakub Bero
Treasurer - Laurence Ackerman
Participation and Equality Officer - Jack Johns
Equipment and Safety Officer - Kevin Simpson

When and where do we meet?

We will be playing our games in Q-block on Frenchay Campus, specifically in 2Q50, starting at 19:00 on Thursday every week. To get there simply walk into Q-block from the direction of OneZone/the Octagon, and keep an eye out on the left side of the hall for 2Q50. So join us for a chat, a laugh, and a good game of poker!

Contact Us

Feel free to join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/227109044730224/ and post a question there, email us at uwepokersociety@gmail.com, or ask us anything in person at our Freshers' Fair stall or at any of our meetings.