Watch this short video to find out how muggle quidditch works:


Where and When

Where: The Downs  |  When: WED 2-4pm, SAT 2-4pm



As we are a joint society between UWE and UoB, it is easier for us to run paid membership through just one SU. As such, to get paid membership please head over to https://www.bristolsu.org.uk/groups/bristol-quidditch-club and just get the free one here :-)

Player Membership:

This is for anyone that wants to play for the club at tournaments and fixtures, and attend training sessions. Premier Social Membership is included with this membership. Your Player Membership covers the cost of equipment and the club's affiliation with QUK.


We welcome both students and non-students with memberships for each respective group:

  • Student (£20) - Open for students and staff from both University of Bristol and University of West England.
  • Community (£30) - Open to players who are not students or staff at the University of Bristol or University of West England.

Social Membership:

Social membership is for those who want to be in the "hoop". With this membership you will be added to our Facebook group, Messenger chat, and -new this year- the "Brizzle Lounge" Discord space, where we will host online socials. (Please note if you wish to train regularly you will need to purchase a Player Membership, which includes a Premier Social Membership.)


There are two tiers of social membership:

  • FREE - Gets you into the "hoop", including access to our private Facebook group, Messenger chat, and -new this year- the "Brizzle Lounge" Discord space, where we will host online socials.
  • Premier (£5) - With all the online benefits of the free membership, premier members are also eligible for subsidised event prices.


With our membership upgrades, you are free to upgrade your premier social membership to a player membership, without repaying the cost of the social membership.



Sam having a laugh with the player she is marking.

Sam Frohlich




I’m Sam (she/her) and I’m your president. That means that I kick the committee into shape (not that they need much kicking), ensuring all boring admin is done with time to spare to arrange fun socials, and develop exciting new ideas for making the club even better! I did my undergrad at Bristol and this club brought so much joy to me that I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give something back. On pitch, I mostly play chaser/seeker, but have been known to don the black now and again.




Headshot of Matt in his quidditch kit, which makes him look very professional

Matt Richards




Oh, hello there! I’m Matt (he/him) and I’m your VP. My role involves supporting the president where possible, and generally getting involved with random bits and pieces that need doing - I’ve also picked up the finance side of things. I’m a Bristol grad and was heavily involved with the club during my time at uni, and am now back to try to impart my aged wisdom to some young whipper snappers. I’m a beater, but have been known now and then to chase and keep (in extreme circumstances).




Tom running onto pitch in roaring celebration.

Tom Williams


Bear's Captain






Sam heroically dodging a tackle.

Sam Frohlich




Ooops seems like you have already met me. What can I say? I’m just such a keen bean that just being president wasn’t enough, so I’m also a coach. I have played quidditch for over four years now, including helping Bristol achieve our silver medal back in 2017. Hopefully, I can impart my knowledge to the new generation and #MakeBristolGreatAgain. See you at training!




The Meme Queen Supreme in all her glory.

Beck Throup


Meme Queen Supreme (Social Media)


Hi! I’m Beck and I’m the Social Media Officer this year. I’m absolutely buzzed for this job because it’s basically what I do with my life anyway, and it’s really important for helping the club I love grow! I usually spend my time coming up with funny memes or tiktoks to make, but I’m also trying to make sure you’ve got all the information you need for the upcoming Quidditch year. On the pitch I play chaser or beater, though I’m hoping to beat more this season! My favourite Harry Potter film and book is Prisoner of Azkaban. My pronouns are she/her.




Jack driving dynamically up pitch, probably to score

Jack Harlow-Pearlstone


Social Secretary


Heya Quidkids

I'm Jack and I'm pumped to be your Social Secretary for the upcoming academic year. This essentially means being the driving force and lead organiser of events/socials off of the Quidditch pitch. So whether that be leading a virtual round of pictionary in our virtual social space "The Brizzle Lounge" or whether that be the end of year awards evening, I'm usually the one behind the scenes putting it altogether. I have personally been a member of the club since 2015 and in the past five years have always been dedicated to the club without wavering loyalty. This is due to sheer passion for the club, the sport and the community as a whole and what it provides beyond Quidditch.

I have been a rookie at the club, an experienced player at the club, the Vice President and now the Social Secretary. I wish to use all this experience to create an exciting, gripping society space for our current and new members for the upcoming academic year. Hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am.

Kind regards

Jack xx





How big is quidditch?

Quidditch is at a really exciting stage in its growth. The sport is big enough to boast events like a World Cup, while still being small enough that playing at such international events is an achievable goal.

Is it true that quidditch is mixed gender?

Yes! Quidditch is an inclusive sport where teams are made up of males, females and everyone in between. We even have a gender rule that ensures that there is always a mix of people on pitch.

Do I need to bring my own broom?

No. The club has plenty of communal brooms, but you can bring your own if you want.

Do I need any experience?

Not at all! Most people have never played quidditch before, so rest assured we will teach you everything you need to know.

Anything else?

Feel free to send us a message on facebook.


Upcoming events

Brizzle Lounge: Gathertown
4th February 8pm - 10pm
Join us on our Gathertown quidditch pitch for some friendship bingo, being sure to catch ‘em all.
Brizzle Lounge: Bubble Wars
18th February 8pm - 10pm
Brizzle Lounge
We are on a mission to find the best bubble. Does your bubble have what it takes to succeed in all our challenges and WIN BUBBLE WARS?! Well, you better come along and find out. May the best bubble win!