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We are a society for anyone who wants to do something really different and interesting during their time at university. Quidditch is a fast paced, mixed gender, full-contact sport played throughout the world. We train twice a week on Durdham Downs and compete against teams from all over the UK and Europe. No sporting background is necessary, we welcome anyone regardless of sporting ability! Just come along and enjoy staying fit in the most unique way.


We also host incredible socials all year round! So if sport isn’t your thing, be sure to check out our social memberships. From casual nights out and events on our discord server, to a Winter Formal and Awards Evening in Summer, there is always something going on. You should definitely JOIN US!



Watch this short video to find out how muggle quidditch works:


Where and When

Where: The Downs  |  When: WED 2-4pm, SAT 2-4pm



We run our paid memberships through Bristol SU, so if you want a paid membership, you'll need to buy it there and just grab the free one here.

Player Membership:

This is for anyone that wants to play for the club at tournaments and fixtures, and attend training sessions. Your Player Membership covers the cost of equipment and the club's affiliation with QUK.


We welcome both students and non-students with memberships for each respective group:

  • Student (£20) - Open for students and staff from both University of Bristol and University of West England.
  • Community (£30) - Open to players who are not students or staff at the University of Bristol or University of West England.

FREE Social Membership:

Social membership is for those who want to be in the "hoop". With this membership you will be added to our Facebook group and the "Brizzle Lounge" Discord space, where we will host online socials. (Please note if you wish to train regularly you will need to purchase a Player Membership)

It's FREE, so why not?!

Training Membership:

This membership is for anyone that is a full paid member of another quidditch club, but wishes to train with us more than two times a month. The membership fee goes towards equipment upkeep.


If you are a Puff alumni and you would like to keep up to date with us while supporting our members then this is the membership for you! The whole cost of this membership will contribute towards a fund that will help reduce financial barriers preventing our members from enjoying quidditch, and to say thank you we will add you to our online circles so that you can stay in the "hoop".

Using Membership:

We run our club organisation through FB, so the quickest way of getting the most out of your membership is messaging our club FB page to say that you have it, and we will then add you to all the relevant FB groups.

IMPORTANT - we don't always get notified of new members. We check our member list regularly to stop people falling through the cracks, but please if you don't hear from us to be added to our communication channels, just message us and we will get you sorted out immediately. This is an issue that we are raising with the SU.



Sam having a laugh with the player she is marking.

Sam Frohlich




I’m Sam (she/her) and I’m your president. That means that I kick the committee into shape (not that they need much kicking), ensuring all boring admin is done with time to spare to arrange fun socials, and develop exciting new ideas for making the club even better! I did my undergrad at Bristol and this club brought so much joy to me that I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give something back. On pitch, I mostly play chaser/seeker, but have been known to don the black now and again.


Sasha showing off her sexy snitch tail as a first time snitch volunteer at a tournament.

Sasha Akhtyrska




Hi, I'm Sasha and I am the captain of the club! My job is to keep up the morale and high spirits both on and off pitch, ensuring that everyone gets what they want from the training sessions and making sure they are happy and heard. I am a very enthusiastic person and am always happy to hear from anyone with suggestions or ideas so let me know! I play mostly chaser and seeker on pitch however I love playing other positions just as much. As captain I have great ambition to get us far in tournaments whilst staying true to our friendly and fun loving nature of the club. So whether you want to come and have a laugh or compete to your hearts desire, I've got your back.


Harry heading up pitch, quaffle in hand

Harry McClenaghan




Hi I’m Harry and I’m going to be running the madness that is most quidditch trainings. I joined the club some years ago and whilst I left to go venture into the community based leagues, I’ve been involved with the club in one way or another for most of the time I’ve played the sport. In terms of what I’ve done in Quidditch, I’ve played at the top level of club Quidditch at European Quidditch cup and also have gained shiny medals from regionals, QPL and various other tournaments that sit on my wall and make me look actually competent at something. I’m hoping to take all I’ve learnt from these experiences and try to take Bristol to the podium places of the University League whilst also honouring our Doss club heritage. It is my honour to be back at Bristol coaching the very first Quidditch team that I joined and I look forward to training up the freshers and existing members this year. See you on The Downs! #BackStronger.


Corey convincingly staring at you to join the club

Corey Pearce


Social Secretary


Hi everyone! I’m Corey and this year I am one of the two social secretaries for the club. In my role, I’ll be organising social events, arranging deals with venues and (most importantly) getting everyone super hyped up for all our socials! When I’m on pitch, I love playing as a beater and being overall enthusiastic about the sport. I’ve got loads of ideas for social events and I can’t wait to see you all at them!


Jack driving dynamically up pitch, probably to score

Jack Harlow-Pearlstone


Social Secretary 


Heya Quidkids! My name is Jack and I am currently one of the Social Secretaries for the club. As a Social Secretary I work to make sure the club is as fun off of the pitch as it is on it. I schedule informal socials in our Brizzle Lounge Discord Server as well as formal socials both virtual and in-person. After holding this role for a year (in what was the most challenging year for in-person social activity) I believe that I can only improve on what was a surprisingly successful year with me at the helm.


Billy and Lottie's best power squad pose

Billy Barker and Charlotte Lewis


Social Media Officers


Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To protect our hoops from enemy balls! To unite all peoples within our clubs hallowed halls! To denounce the evils of online boredom! To extend our reach to social media stardom! Lottie (she/her)! Billy (he/they)! Social Media team blasts off at the speed of light! Like our pages, or prepare to fight! Bludger! That's right!


Chris showing off our lovely charity breast cancer awareness kit

Chris Tyas




Hello! I'm Chris (he/him) and I'm your secretary for the year. I handle the club's communications, maintain documentation and fill in forms, take minutes during meeting, keep you filled in with any important information, and generally try and keep things organised and help out elsewhere. I'm a Bristol grad - I came here way back in 2012, and stuck around for work afterwards. Despite being here for ages I'm still fairly new to quidditch and only picked it up last year. On the pitch I mainly play chaser but occasionally enjoy beating as well.


Jasmine getting ready for training

Jasmine Poon




Hii, I'm Jasmine (she/her) and I'll be your treasurer this year. My role is to keep the club's finance on track and look out for grants and funding for the club. I'm a UoB student who've recently joined the club but am already a passionate player with my main positions as chaser and seeker. I look forward to an amazing and financially smooth year with you!


Jessica carrying a bludger, ready to beat

Jessica Knezha


Tournaments and Fixtures Officer


Hey there! I'm Jessica (she/her) and I'm the Tournaments and Fixtures officer. My job is to organize our team's involvement in tournaments and fixtures, including planning any lodging and travel logistics needed. I completed my undergrad in the USA at Auburn University before travelling across the pond to play Quidditch, I mean, work on my masters. Being new to the sport, every practice is a fun new learning opportunity with a fantastic group of people. So far, my preferred position is Beater.


Josh modelling the OG Puff kit

Joshua Hartley


Equality Officer


Hi, I’m Josh (he/him), and I’m your Equality Officer this year. My role is to support all members both on and off the Quidditch pitch. Often, you’ll find me on the side of the pitch cheering and giving positive vibes all round. I’m a Bristol Grad but still want to play an active role within the club so you can ask me any questions and use my knowledge of completing uni (which is a bit like a Quidditch match). When I’m not at Quidditch you can often find me listening to a good audiobook, or trying to BE THE VERY BEST LIKE NO-ONE EVER WAS in the world of Pokémon.


Cameron in his natural habitat

Cameron Harrad


UWE Representative


Hello everyone!!! My name is Cameron (he/him) and I am the clubs UWE representative. I'm a history student at UWE and I have recently started playing quiddtich, playing the chaser position. So far, I have really enjoyed playing for the club because everyone is very friendly and welcoming and as UWE rep I want to make the voices of UWE students (and also the voices of the rest of the club) heard and make sure they have a good time. I also want to make sure the club is involved in UWE events such as freshers events and hope to play an important role in admin by communicating the needs of the club to representatives of UWE and the UWESU. I can't wait to get started!


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Hire Us

We also offer kit hire and paid for taster sessions. So, if you'd like a truly unique birthday party, hen/stag do, or would just like to have a go with your friends email us at bristol.quidditch@gmail.com.


Kit hire = £75 with a £100 deposit

Adult taster session = £20 per person (minimum booking of 12 people)

Kidditch taster session = £130 for 8 children, with an additional £50 for every 8 children on top

NOTE:- for kidditch sessions, we can only act as the facilitator and there must be adults responsible for the children also in attendance.


How big is quidditch?

Quidditch is at a really exciting stage in its growth. The sport is big enough to boast events like a World Cup, while still being small enough that playing at such international events is an achievable goal.

Is it true that quidditch is mixed gender?

Yes! Quidditch is an inclusive sport where teams are made up of males, females and everyone in between. We even have a gender rule that ensures that there is always a mix of people on pitch.

Do I need to bring my own broom?

No. The club has plenty of communal brooms, but you can bring your own if you want.

Do I need any experience?

Not at all! Most people have never played quidditch before, so rest assured we will teach you everything you need to know.

Anything else?

Feel free to send us a message on facebook.