Our aim is to provide a platform that stimulates conversation, that breathes unity and growth between all sectors within the real estate profession.

Developing Employability

Talks from industry experts, property tours and case study presentations will develop essential industry awareness. Focused workshops looking at interview techniques, assessment centre tactics and how to sell yourself will help you land the perfect placement or graduate scheme. Skills highly sought by employers, such as negotiation and lease interpretation, will be honed through formal competitions with prizes and awards.

Extending Networks

In industry, who you know is almost as important as what you know.  We will arrange events with the RICS and other leading industry bodies to give students maximum exposure to surveyors already in the workforce.  We hope to arrange a full diary of events aimed at giving you the opportunity to connect with potential future employers. Additionally, we will host workshops aimed at developing the skills required to make the right impression.

Building Friendships

We will be running events ranging from simple nights in the pub to weekends away. Property is all about connections; mixing with other years now may land you a job in future.

In summary, our members will be provided with the tools and opportunities to help them stand out from the crowd and put them ahead of the competition.