Scouts & Guides (SAGUWE)


What is SAGUWE?

We're UWE's Scouts and Guides, part of the Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO)
If you've come to UWE and want to keep involved in Scouting and/or Guiding from home, or you want to get involved for the first time, we're here for you!
Whether that's getting help to join a local Guide or Scout group as a volunteer leader, or just getting out the house to hang out with some fantastic people!

What does SAGUWE do?

We have weekly socials throughout the year that can range from quizzes to kayaking, camping to cocktails, go-karts to geocaching!
We also head along to national events such as the 3 SSAGO rallies (camping weekends hosted by University SSAGO clubs across the country) as well as the annual SSAGO Ball (this year it was in Bath but next year we are hosting it here in Bristol!)

Most of all, we have fun!

Why should I join SAGUWE?

You'll make amazing friends that aren't just course or house mates!
You'll get to do fantastic activities and make the most of the great city of Bristol you've come to live in!
All in all, you'll truely enjoy your time at Uni and get much more than just a degree!

How do I find SAGUWE?

Join our Facebook group here and like our Facebook page here to keep up to date with our socials and events! 
To get a club necker, badge, SSAGO membership and to come along to our main events, you'll need to buy membership, but this can be done from this page for just £12!
If you have any questions please email by clicking here, or Facebook message any of the committee!