HUB Magazine is the official UWE student magazine, written by students, for students

Membership is £5!

You don't have to be doing a relevant degree to join, you just have to have a passion for student journalism.

Contributor Membership is £5. This guarantees your work will feature on our website and in our print editions.

Editorial Membership is for those interested in working on the editorial team, editing articles and being involved in the creative behind the scenes decisions. These positions are available through elections. Membership costs £7.

If you are on the committee, please purchase a £10 committee membership. 

What we do

HUB Magazine is the student magazine at UWE. We are an editorially indpendent magazine, supported by The Students' Union at UWE for the benefit of all students. Our aim is to serve the UWE Comminity with news in print and online. We also provide a platform for all UWE Students to showcase their work. 

Why join us?

By getting involved with HUB Magazine, it is one of the best ways to start a career in the media or the creative industries. It could be through reporting, writing and journalism, photography or design. It looks great on your CV no matter what you decide to do next.

Write for us

You can write about anything that interests you! The newsroom can be a great place to get some inspiration, if you're stuck for ideas.

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Email your articles or questions to:

President/ Editor in Chief- Keira Brown

Vice President- Charley Vaughan

Treasurer- Sahar Kanwal

Head of Photography- 

Social Sec/Media Officer- Lillian Majid

News Editor- Lottie Hall

Culture Editor- Skye Collacott Williamson

Opinion Editor- Georgina Massey

Lifestyle Editor- Daniel Penfold

Sports Editor- 

General Inquiries- 

Please note all general inquiries from prospective members should be sent to from now on. The email is for articles and business contacts. 

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