Welcome to UWE Architecture Society!


The Architecture Society mostly come from one of the variety of architecture degrees at UWE, however we welcome all students from all courses with an interest in architecture and the built environment.


To introduce our commitee, we are: 

President - Angharad Davies

(Architecture y2)

Vice President - Gabriele Poderyte

(Architecture & Planning year y4)

Treasurer - Rhian Marged

(Architecture y2)

Events & Fundraising Officer - Katerina Bedacheva

(Architecture y3)

Participation & Equality Officer - Francis Mussenden

(Architecture & Planning y2)

Media and Publicity Officer - Simona Popova

(Architecture y3)


Our aim is to bring students together from all years and disciplines through events and activities such as:

- day trips to cities of architectural interest

- lectures

- film

- music

- social events 

All of our activities are focused on enhancing the architectural learning process by active involvement and the sharing of knowledge. 


We have exciting links with the local RIBA branch, local practices and local venues to help support the needs of our members.


Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @uwearchsociety and join our Facebook group to keep up to date with all of our news https://www.facebook.com/groups/uwearchsociety/