What do we do?

We are the home for competitive gaming at UWE and represent it professionally on a national level. Our society is used to form teams of UWE students and provide opportunities to compete - mainly at the NUEL and NSE tournaments as well as locally e.g. during LANs or local Bristol tournaments.

The aim is to allow players to improve their skills and build friendships with others while gaining experience in the games of their choosing. Teams will be managed throughout the year to ensure that people with similar goals can compete together, rather than feel forced to stay with the same roster all year long. Of course we aim to accommodate as many games as possible however, it all depends on the interest and the opportunities out there. Any player ability is welcome and there is always space for you somewhere on our large roster of teams.

To stay up-to-date and to compete please join our society & Discord Server where you will be able to assign yourself to specific game roles and be provided with all the necessary information you need to play. If you need any help with settling into Discord or have any questions, don't be afraid to contact a committee member and don't forget to checkout + follow our social media @UWESeaStags! For any specific team game information, please find the associated Game Representative


In our first 3 years as a society we've competed in local, national and european championships and dominated the university counterstrike scene. We were voted as UWE's Society of the Year and as the most improved University by the National Students Esports in 2020. "The most improved university was the University of the West of England, who finished in 47th place last season but moved a staggering 41 places to finish in 6th this year." Our top 10 spot in the BUECs table was an incredible feat for a first year society but we're not planning on stopping until we reach the top! Our top CS:GO Team has won 7 national championships. Our top Rocket League Team came third in two national championships and also in the European University Rocketeers' Championship 2020. Our Smash players placed consistently high in local tournaments with firsts in 8-Bit Planet's Weekly Singles and Bristol Royale Amateur Singles.

We also hosted a LAN event called "SWOLE" that was runner up for the best event of the year at UWE. The "South-West Outstanding LAN Event" was designed to bring universities from around the south-west together to compete in a two-day tournament and proclaim the "Best of the South-West".

Committee Members:

  • President - Chris ‘Worden’ Worden
  • Vice-President - Luke 'cherry' Walker
  • Treasurer - Abbie 'styx' Boswell
  • Social Media Officer - Luke 'LukeVantage' Rutherford
  • Representative Coordinator – Joe 'LDram' M.
  • Stream Manager - Jade 'Jadeling' Eastwood
  • Events Manager - Sebastian 'todz' Fraga-Pocock
  • Community Moderator - Reilly 'chunky' Harris
  • Sustainability Officer - Cole 'crit' Kearns


Logo DesignUsing the UWE coat of arms as inspiration and the kits of the UWE sports teams, we commissioned a logo with a graphic designer to feature a noble sea stag as its centrepiece. The colour scheme for the logo is red, black and white to match with the consistent colours of the University of the West of England.